Beta players are clearing wotlk heroics at lvl 78 with no effort

300,000 population… but its suffering… lol :+1:

Woo Chile all the children out today.

Go do your own research for blue posts… you can take what is said here or don’t. RDF was an intention for Wraith before Wraith launched. The dungeons were an after-thought the entire expansion. RDF helped people and their alts get to current content… which helps maintain subs and keep guilds from dying… (every guild at a certain point hemorrhages players)

People playing in TBC/Wraith Era were MAJORITY no where near knowledgeable as players are today… this is a fact… yes some dudes were super sweaty and smart and theorycrafted some stuff… but they weren’t the majority.

The point of all of this is… DUNGEON DIFFICULTY DOESN’T MATTER. Dungeons do not matter… the gear and rewards dungeons give do not matter (AFTER PRE-BIS)…

Gee, its almost as if we are rediscovering the reason why retail started to suck

Removing RDF won’t undo the last decade of WoW.

Fixed that for you

Not much to figure out its old content. Heroics were always going to be easy its why blizz announced increasing difficulty to them with each phase.

Honestly not surprised i mean people were clearing tbc heroics except the tk ones at 68.

Interesting. Do you think RDF is going to help sustain their raiding population, auction house listings, or their arena team players?

Being able to easily gear up an alt or a new/returning player able to get geared enough to enter last tier and current tier does most of these things…

More players me more consume using/purchasing adding to the AH… More players means more potential raiders…

So your entire point relies on this grand idea that new players going to roll on dead realms or that returning players from dead realms that likely quit over their dead realms are now going to return to those dead realms?

Do you not see the failure here? You have no incentive to get people to roll on those dead realms. That’s why introducing RDF and nothing else would not help dead realms at all.

You’re using dead realms as a pawn in your game of trying to get RDF for yourself.

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Except they will have a quest for a daily dungeon that will offer a reward to get ppl to run it. It will be random.

No I’m saying with this feature added and people aren’t just logging into raid = less dead realms… I don’t know how else to explain it… you clearly just want to argue if you literally can’t see the positives that RDF adds versus not being in the game… In the game it has no adverse effect… not in the game we will experience what we are already experiencing in TBCC and Classic…

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Just asking for clarification as I never checked in the day.

Don’t you have to be max level to get into heroics?

If you want difficult heroics, wait until Cata classic.

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You’re right – they’re raid logging and emblem daily logging. Is that REALLY the argument you want to make?

Oh, that’s amusing. “You’re just here to argue if you refuse to swallow my point”. If only Socrates knew that rhetorical move…

That’s not how debate works, Bolognapony.

You clearly just want to argue if you literally can’t see the negatives that RDF adds versus not being in the game.

Did you… did you forget they’re consolidating realms?

Dungeons were big back in the original casual WoW days, where a lot of players didn’t raid (for whatever reason). Heroics were created as an alternative play/gearing path for the majority non-raid population in those days, more than anything else. Today, the player demographics (& knowledge) are quite different, however, & in many cases players can go straight from dinging level cap to their first entry-tier 10 person raid (& which is doable, even if perhaps not a faceroll). 5 person dungeons (especially heroics) are basically optional/time-killers in this era of revisiting the game, unless you are a non-raider.

The meta slave min/maxing player is the community the game currently has

Its been that way for decades lol.

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So your thought process is that: Nobody wants to play an alt? And RDF wouldn’t make it easier to gear up an alt to raid on? lol terrible argument.

Literally posted something you could have debate and you chose to respond with no counter argument…

Again, no listed adverse effects = no valid argument and just wants to argue.

No, thats why I said what I said??? I don’t understand what you are talking about… like consolidating realms is a good thing? Is that what you are trying to say?

Again you posted no responses AGAIN… no solutions… no adverse effects…

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Mostly true, but there are still “casual fun raid guilds” out there today in Classic who don’t sweat the specs/comp or care about parsing, & just progress at their own rate without any hand-wringing or the crazy sweat-drama of being " the top guild". I’ve participated in both, & found that I have a lot more fun playing in the “casual fun raid guilds”.


Wrath heroics were ALWAYS known to be easy. Easier than TBC heroics and easier than prenerf Cata heroics.

Why is this a problem? Who cares?