Beta players are clearing wotlk heroics at lvl 78 with no effort

already seeing people on beta clearing heroics not even level 80 and saying its boring…the dungeons are gonna get so old so fast if this is the case, I know blizzard said they ere considering “challenges” but not buffing them? IDK what that entails but im gonna be really disappointed if everything is just face roll easy from the beginning…

my favorite time in TBC classic was the first few weeks running heroics with friends and actually having to CC/kite, and be afraid of sweeping strikes and fears and the chaos of places like shattered halls and blood furnace, ordering a pizza being on discord with friends and spending a lot of time in the heroics. please blizzard consider buffing them, I want to actually spend time in these places and figure them out, not just are AFK pull everything. :frowning:

if you’re curious, Joardee war streaming him doing a bunch of the heroics as a healer at 78 with a DK tank and two other dips being lvl 79 on Twitch. I really hope we get a better experience. this doesn’t need to be unwell difficulty but Magisters Terrace was so fun because some of the bosses actually pose a challenge to a normal group (granted they still die of course) and the first few weeks of TBC were SO fun with the mobs actually hitting hard and needing to CC. please consider giving mobs (or bosses) more health and damage Blizzard!!


So farm a group and do it.


I wonder if this game wasn’t designed with a min/maxing meta slave community in mind. Maybe it was designed with casuals in mind?


So don’t play it if it isn’t the game you want to play. The game is already created and everything about it is known. There is no mystery here.


I don’t min max. I cleared these when I was 14 and a noob and was bored back THEN. just because you and I are casual doesn’t mean I want easy content. I want the first few times to still be a challenge


can’t use the C word.

u can still do that and not ruin the fun for other ppl

dont be entitled.


Well, WotLK was the faceroll xpac, even back in the day.


Wraith dungeons weren’t designed to gate players, or be hard… they were designed to easily run because:

Rep grinding with tabards on

Dungeons aren’t end-game… it doesn’t matter if it takes 2 hours or 10 minutes to clear it… they are and have always been a means to an end… at a certain point every character has no need to run dungeons and for a lot of us in TBC that was literally a month after launch.

Why are people so focused on dungeons…


this has to be parody.


Pretty much to be expected wrath heroics were a joke in terms of difficulty. The entire expansion is pretty easy mode. Even heroic raids will feel like a joke to a seasoned retail raider. One or two wrath fights are about as hard as heroic difficulty entry raids in retail, but that’s it. The rest of it’s a 1-3 mechanic fight where the boss just melts.

Everything about wrath made the game easier by making classes more functional and what not. It’s the primary reason cata saw a big fall off because people hated harder content.


This thread gives me hope for WOTLK. I have hope that the parsers, gold buyers and gate keepers will hate WOTLK and that casuals will make a come back.


again, I am a casual just like you, and I don’t want face roll easy content, no one in this thread said they are parsers or min maxers lol.

are you afraid of actually having to use your brain in a dungeon?or to sheep/repentance/sap targets? do you only have 30 mins to play per week? most of the people playing classic want to have fun. clearing all the heroics at lvl 78 with no challenge is not fun.

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Who cares. It is fine.


Facerolling dungeons isn’t appealing. I want to feel like i’m doing something not just aoe everything without having to being a bit careful.

Being casual or not have nothing to do with it.

Else everyone would have fun in Ragefire keep.


Then go play retail.


Retail is the same unless you’re pushing mythic keys lol. TBC heroics were good.

Here, you don’t even feel like you’re progressing. But, yeah, i guess it’s how WOTLK was designed = pack/aoe dungeons to get some free gear.

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Sounds like I won’t have too much trouble 5 boxing these then.

I agree with the OP.

Using your tool kit to get through dungeons early in expansion is fun and this doesn’t entail any prohibitively challenging content.

The straw man you see people here making is if it’s not a steamroll, then casual players won’t like it. Well I got news for you, it’s not a black or white dichotomy. There is a continuum of difficulty, and if you can do heroics not being max level and in entry level gear with ease—something is wrong.

Also, if half of the classes can SOLO a five man normal to level up (which is being done right now with easy on multiple classes), something is DEFINITELY wrong.



Blizzard lacks the ability to remove RDF and tune dungeons…

and AGAIN DUNGEONS DO NOT MATTER… nobody and I mean nobody plays WoW for its Dungeons… they are a means to an end… period.