Beta NEEDS more testers

I definitely think they need to raise the level cap for this last month. Starting pretty much like now… Invite more people into beta. Raise level cap to 60, and Aug 1st turn it off. Let people actually find bugs and test because I bet level 60 content is going to be riddled with dumb bugs that could have been prevented. I bet 75% of the people that were even invited barely tested stuff and/or stopped after day 1.

Invite more people so we can all make sure that beta at launch is as seamless as possible!

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Hunters were in a bad state in vanilla # Nochanges

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You guys are going about all wrong for beta invites…don’t tell blizz you want to help test in beta…instead…

Tell them you are hyped and want to hype others by streaming while you play. You may or may not report any bugs, but the free advertising is well worth the beta invite.

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Oh wow, glad that Blizzard has you to tell them what they need


Needs more testers so bugs that are gameplay features can be reported. Again.
Oh wait. Is that because “only streamers and cata kids got invites?” Lol

Considering this is all 15 year old content, I’m sure there won’t be very many gamebreaking bugs in the game at launch that won’t be promptly taken care of.

The first and biggest problem is they made “Active Sub” a requirement, so they invited all the knights in shinny armour that spammed “The Wall of No” for the last 15 years rather than the people who actually cared and wanted Classic a reality.

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I haven’t played since wod and I got in day one. I paid for a sub same day too.

One thing really offends me about a lot of these posts. Less than 1% of the people invites are “big streamers” the rest of us are just old accounts and regular players. You people constantly begging for access to “test things” like you assume if asmond didn’t test it, no one else has. I’ve been working with 3 different discord groups testing mechanics and quests leveling 4 different characters I’m familiar with all to test. And I’m not the minority here MOST people on the beta are actively testing mechanics and reporting problems. What makes you think you’re more qualified to test this stuff than the 2000+ people already doing it?

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The beta is literally dead you realize when they stream we can see pop yeaa?

Dead because of the level cap, not for lack of players/testers.

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Hunter is still in a state of disarray.

if you can say that, then it means the bugs have already been found… and what they need is not more tester, but more time/dev to fix the bugs.

but… wish I could sell my beta access. some people are clearly more interested in it than me… doesn’t help that the beta is getting really close to ghosttown status too.

probably referring to the absolutely horrible pet pathing AI that cause them to aggro everything, all the time… which is exactly how they behaved in classic.

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Beta needs to end

no, its fine.

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i literally have to pay to be in beta. So I have to pay someone to work for them, that makes no sense.
I’d have to be a sucker to pay to be in beta, like a total sucker.

Speaking of suckers, anyone in beta want to come by paint my fence this weekend, I’ll let you pay me $5 for a privilege of you painting my fence. I already got the paint. You just need to show up and hand me $5.

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I totally agree. But the only reason people make threads like this is to imply that they deserve beta because “they would totally test stuff man”

how is you playing the beta going to help blizzard solve the issues regarding hunters? They already know of all of these issues. Just be honest and tell the forums that you just want early access.

Do I get to keep the left-over paint?

Again please read what I wrote. I am totally unbiased here.

I have leveled a ton of alts in BFA but I am not really looking for a beta invite. I am not really into leveling up to 40 and having the character wiped. I am probably not the tester type.

I WOULD however like a polished game on launch date and wouldn’t mind if it was pushed back to make this happen.

I would like a polished game too. But I feel like it’s either going to be bug-free, or in it’s current state… It’s going to be one or the other regardless of how many more people they let in.

All of the game-breaking bugs are already documented and now it’s up to blizzard to fix them (or not)

You beta believe it needs more testers.