Beta Invite Wave and Burning Crusade Classic Launch Test

On Wednesday, May 12, at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT), we’ll open the Dark Portal on a new Beta realm to test the Burning Crusade Classic launch.

We’ll open the new realm “Launch Test” on Tuesday for character copy, and to make sure we test thoroughly, we’ve just sent out one last big wave of Beta invites.

Please join us on your copied character on the Launch Test beta realm on May 12, and head to Outland at 11:00 a.m. PDT. We plan to keep that realm open for several hours, with all zones and instances available.

Thank you very much!


Is this essentially an Open Beta then? Or do you still need a Beta invite to participate?


How about a fix on rogue combo points, a basic class mechanic that has been broken since the start of the beta? That would be amazing, much more important than implementing a useless RNG tornado that ruins gameplay.


Doesnt seem like open beta in the classic (no pun intended) idea of the term. But could be a wave large enough to fill up one of the larger realms.

Wooo I got in!! keep up the good work Kaivax. We like you even if we tend to hate on blizzard a lot on the forums.


I got an email with my invite just now. Check your email.

All I know is it’s huge, logged in to check something and there was hundreds of people where you zone in.

Did I need to had played 15 years the get an invite? I just played in August rip lol.

I’ve had one for months but it’d be nice to get some of my guildies in who didnt

Tell them to check their emails. This is a new wave.

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But they will need one to participate in this new realm? Or can anyone with an active account log in for this “stress test?”

The title says beta invite wave.

Can ya’ll increase instance limits to like 50 a day or something instead of 30? Should have been reverted a long time ago because it really didn’t do a whole lot other than annoy actual players.

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Why can’t they just text me?

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I like new wave.

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People claim it’s at least 50 if not removed on beta.

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No thank you

Off-topic, but it would be nice if we could receive a response on fresh realms for pre-patch or launch as it’s fast approaching and a popular topic.


I’m surprised I got an invite, being a casual peasant.

Pretty sure they said at Blizzcon they weren’t planning on any before launch. And if you haven’t heard about any by now it’s probably not happening

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