(BETA) Dragonflight Priest Talent Tree Feedback Thread

Looks like the trees are up for preview:

Talent Calculator:

Upcoming tree changes (8/30/22):

New feedback for 9/1/22 changes on Holy Tree:

Old feedback from original changes:

Feedback on general tree: (BETA) Dragonflight Priest Talent Tree Feedback Thread - #276

Feedback on Holy tree: (BETA) Dragonflight Priest Talent Tree Feedback Thread - #293 by Caithyra-stormrage

I am generally pretty happy with it, but only really looked at the Holy tree. My main feedback is that Shackle Undead is just NOT good enough to be a talent. I think it should be baseline. I don’t think it needs to apply to more creature types, but it’s not strong enough to be considered more than a flavour ability in most cases.


I’m very interested in a few of these new talents and some combinations. Starting with some of the new talents that sound really cool:

Twilight Corruption: While Shadow Covenant is active, Penance becomes Dark Reprimand, dealing shadow damage over 1.7 seconds.”

" Holy Word: Life: A word of holy power that heals the target. If the target is not below 20% health, the caster takes damage equal to the amount healed. Healing is increased by 150% to targets below 20% health. Instant Cast, 30 second cooldown."

And then the fact that we have Mindgames on our Class talent tree, and then we also have Light’s Wrath back on our Discipline talent tree? Our burst looks like it can be INSANE.

I am confused about one thing though, which is on our Class talent tree. It looks like Mind Control is becoming a talent, which I guess makes sense because other classes are getting their CC put on the talent tree too, but the tooltip of Mind Control confuses me. It reads, “Controls a mind up to 1 level above yours for 30 sec while still controlling your own mind. Does not work versus Demonic, Mechanical, or Undead beings or players.”

…The tooltip sounds like its the Dominant Mind talent we currently have (specifically because it says while STILL controlling your own mind) but then right below the Mind Control talent, is Dominant Mind which is the same talent we currently have. A few things worry me because, while it could be a bugged tooltip, the part, “Does not work against players” makes me worry that I wont be able to cast my normal Mind Control on players. Hopefully its tooltip error though.

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Going to post an in depth impression of my thoughts when i get the chance to actually dissect all that is here. Talent calculator would be helpful, bit will make do with multiples windows and monitors lol. On initial impression shadow doesn’t seem that intriguing but maybe that’s because it feels too shadowlands 2.0 for my liking and i dont really love the incarnation of the spec currently. Love the shadow spell synergy focus in the disc tree, lots of interesting implications there. Havent looked at holy. Base priest tree im still formulating my thoughts, though i think Power Infusion + double pi is going to be the subject of criticism on the high end. Also think bringing choice of Mindgames back is a colossal mistake.


Please make PI priest only.


Does the Mind Control verbiage change mean that it no longer works against ANY players or just Demonic, Mechanical or Undead players?

Mind Control: Controls a mind up to 1 level above yours for 30 sec while still controlling your own mind. Does not work versus Demonic, Mechanical, or Undead beings or players.


shadow idol talents look pretty sweet. I still see searing nightmare unfortunately.


Regarding my previous comment on Shackle Undead. I think I would replace it with Psychic Scream, which is more often worth a talent point in the situations you use it. This would make Shackle Baseline and Scream a talent.


WIP talent calculator is up:

Are fae guardians going? I really wanted to see that one stay. : /

Fae Guardians, Boon of the Ascended, and Flash Concentration are going away.

Holy Priests are getting some pretty big nerfs this coming expansion. You have to hard choose between better heals or damage for M+ to boot.

They even brought back Lightwell. I thought it was a joke. I can already hear Manbeard blowing the champagne bottles.


Fae guardians was both powerful and a really nice looking spell. One of the best subclass rp immersions too. Kind of a travesty.

More things are getting added to make mind flay and sear more important, the class is going to be standing still and be playing through channels. Literally make appriations proc on dot crits (automatic) and give them a permanent spell to extend dot durations (bfa void bolt) …that’s shadow aoe solved and it also comes with mobility. shadow priest was the most mobile caster in 8.3 then it became a turret mode spec in SL, and now this talent tree is enhancing a boring play style turning it into a mega turret WOW!! :open_mouth:


I’m glad boon didn’t make it. Found it was too weak baseline. My only concern with Mindgames is that it will be too good in pvp still. Might have been better to make it a shadow priest pvp talent instead. Players will need to test it in the new meta to see.


Oh yay, Shadow Priests still get to haul around that old ball and chain Shadowform.


That does not sound assuring for Blessing of Seasons.


It’s a bit odd with the capstone path that leads to the more holy-style abilities including damage bonuses while shielded, when holy has no good way to shield. Really it feels like all four top tier class paths are split 2/2 between shadow and disc?


I’m trying to understand what the new playstyle will be for Holy.

In BFA you spammed Prayer of Healing w/ high amounts of mastery + azerite armor = profit.

In Shadowlands you used Flash Concentration to turn into a single target pumping turret which made you able to burst heal through M+ and in raids.

Looking at the Priest Talent tree you get a -20% cast speed reduction on Flash Heal & Heal as long as your HP is above 75%. I can say that in most circumstances in a raid you will be above 75% hp the majority of the fight. Also, if you heal or damage a target at 35% or below you get a +10/20% heal/damage buff for 10s.

There’s also a talent that increases your SoL proc chance by an additional +12% if your target has a renew on them. This to me seems well broken… you’ll be getting SoL procs almost non-stop.

There’s also way more passive mana gain talent choices. Shadowfiend can return mana, targets dying with SWP return mana, Enlightenment is a choice, and Cosmic Ripple procs give you mana back. This is probably going to lead towards some healing intensive raids and less reliance on healers getting free mana recharges in M+.

Also, we get more combo choices like Benediction on-top of Halo and Divine Star and Holy Oration + Apotheosis + Light of the Naaru. There’s more talent choices for faster Holy Word resets as well.

My guess is Holy is going to lean more heavily on their Holy Words as their main source of healing, but I guess we’ll see what the Alpha/Beta has in store.

Either way I’m not feeling kosher for Holy going into the expansion. Many of the things that made the spec great this patch aren’t carrying over.


Early thoughts:

I’m beyond elated to see Light’s Wrath return and that Mind Games will stay. I don’t see particularly much to help in M+ yet, but I hope I’ll see that in a second pass.

Glad to see more talents reinforcing Shadow’s single-target niche. Shadow aoe will have some nice procs to help, but shadow aoe will appear to be substandard still (I hope I’m wrong). I’m disappointed that Searing Nightmare has not undergone any iteration. Shadow is also getting some self-sustain buffs, it appears (an absorb shield similar to the warlock one), which I’m always grateful for.


The holy half of the neutral tree seems pretty meh but its kinda nice since it opens up the other half, holy being able to run nearly the full shadow pet build in keys for damage without loosing to much could be really fun in aoe, doesn’t really make up loosing boon but its still an decent option.

unless holy nova is super powerful you can skip most of the talents related to it freeing up alot of points compared to resto druid (improved rejuv, wildgrowth are both in the neutral tree).