Best way to find casual guild?

I created a new alt for shadowlands. I am a casual player looking for a casual active guild with not much luck. Guild finder is a great tool, but when searching on the Who list I am not finding active members. Is there a better way to do a search?


The guild recruitment forums or realm forums are both good places to look around.

Thank you. I have been scrolling though posts on those forums. Most of the recruitment seems to be looking for people who raid. And I am not sure if I am qualified to join these guilds. I have very little raiding experience

Some raiding guilds may take casuals or socials, if the forums don’t work trade chat may also work :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Lindarel! Our guild, Grey Horse Army, would love to have you! We do plan to raid, but that is NOT who we are :slight_smile: We are focused on building a fun and active community first and foremost. I’d love to chat with you. My bnet is Thistlebloom#1316… Otherwise, you mentioned looking for an active guild and doing /who… Keep in mind that A LOT of people have been taking a small break until pre-patch, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t an active guild :slight_smile: This week there will be a LOT more activity in general! Good luck!


Hello Lindarel!

I am in {Grey Horse Army} and totally loving it! I honestly found your post bc I feel like Alphagirl and I kind of think the same way when it comes to recruiting. I am going to help her out a bit, and when I saw this post I thought to myself, “I need to tell Roisin (Alphagirl) about this post!” then I noticed she already commented on it, lol!

Anyway, the guild is great. All of the people are easy to talk to/get along with. It is slow right now, in the game overall! A lot of people are taking breaks so they don’t get burnt out, until pre-patch hits.

As she posted above, we are planning to raid, but that’s not all we’re about! As long as I’m here there WILL be fun, silly events as well! That’s the kind of stuff I live for! Such as scavenger hunts, hide and seek, naked gnome races, and WoW lawn darts!

We also enjoy getting into discord and chatting, I’m quite talkative so there usually aren’t any weird awkward moments bc I am usually pretty chatty, lol.

If you’d like to chat, and can’t get ahold of anyone, feel free to add me!
My discord handle is: boxcarbinny#6587

Can’t wait to hear from you!
Have a great day!
:heart: / Jhem


Sage Crusaders has a guild recruitment post going in-game…

While we do run mythic dungeons and normal / heroic raids. Its not required. We’re more of a family or community.

We have people that like to pvp or farm or run dungeons or level or raid. And some of us like to do it all haha.

If you dont want to raid, you dont have to. If you want to check it out (thats why we run normals) come tag along. If you like it, come do heroic, if you dont, then at least you tried.

if you love raiding so much that you want to move up to Mythic, you’ll have to leave us. While I do enjoy running Rated bg, im turned off after 2k ratings. If you want to be “hardcore” end gamer, you might have to leave us lol.

Just don’t be a douche about leaving and you can always come back home. I get it <3

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Hmm out of curiosity do you all accept a new player who is still leveling who is on as their schedule permits?

Asking for an alt.