Best Time to Buy 9.2 AOTC Mount

See that “?”? As of last time I was on the PTR it was not associated with the achievement still.

As of right now, not confirmed.

The mount goes away when shadowlands ends. The gold cost depends on guild/person/“community” hiding as a guild. I don’t suggest you do it, easy way to get scammed.

If you’re on a popular server, it’ll go down faster then ever with many teams undercutting each other and actually having a chance to sell without all the huokan bots. Low pop servers, prices will be about the same or nobody would be selling.

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On low pop servers, it will either go down slower than high pop servers (less competition), or just stay flat all tier (no competition).

I always got my AOTC mount though Perky Pug group…they do it for free…they just use a lottery system in who is picked the nights they run it…

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They always start out high and progressively get cheaper as the next expansion draws near

I look forward to helping them run the giveaways. Ran over 100 N’zoth runs with them last expansion on Alliance.

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They are a great group of players for sure…

Perky Pugs usually runs AotC until the next expansion’s patch. They use a lottery system, but towards the end of the expansion, they are usually funneling people through runs.

A lot depends on how long you are willing to wait.

You have to be picked. I tried that once, sat for hours with my fingers crossed and never got picked. :upside_down_face: I’ll just buy with gold if I decide not to raid this time lol

I have used Perky Pugs since WoD and always got in might take a night or two but usually I get in.

Well thats official then.

why do that when buying carries is now considered to be one of the greatest achievements in game

Well isn’t the next raid tier opening in like 3 weeks? I would imagine the window is closing as people start to take time off before the next season starts.

Update - wow I completely misread the topic. I thought the OP was asking about 9.1 AOTC, not the upcoming 9.2. In that case, those that said wait until later in the season are 100% correct.

As has been mentioned, only goobers buy aotc early in the tier. Always best to wait for at least a few months or more into the patch. If you pay anything more than 100k you’re getting ripped off.

Good time as any to get into a raiding guild and save your gold. That 200k gold your spending on boosts could buy two max legendaries and a lot of consumables on my server.

Funny how there is so many people bashing boosting then you see a thread asking about pricing.

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Usually, there’s a “Friendship” group that gives out free AOTC mount runs. I’d say about a few weeks after Mythic opens up, and the carry group is sufficiently geared, we’ll start seeing advertisements for these runs.

Honestly, with a decently geared toon you can pug clear groups toward the end of a patch/expansion and get the mount for free. The amount of effort you’re putting into getting the gold to pay for a carry is more effort than it takes to gear and learn fights.

Why buy? Its more fun to get it the old fashioned way