Best professions for money making?

So I hear a lot of different things. I’m level 33 and I would really love my mount by 40 but I don’t seem to be able to make much. I have fishing, cooking, skinning, and engineering. I was thinking of doing leatherworking instead since I have skinning and it goes hand in hand. I can always craft and vendor the lower stuff for more than the leather is worth. Leather is in high abundance right now and can’t really turn a profit. I was also thinking of making an alt that I would have enchanting on to disenchant and sell ingredients on the ah with. Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks in advance!

People went blind picking skinning thinking it was gonna be a profit… atm its just vendor candy.

Id say minning, dont smelt sell ores. If you do smelt, use it combined bars like bronze. Also stones are worth, I sold 50s a stack of Coarse Stone

It’s always alchemy then and now. Transmutes. The amount of riches you have in game is tied directly into how many alts you have with transmutes up per day.


Yea, but only long term. The low to mid level stuff is a little above vendor price on my server (Pagle).

Other professions pay off during the leveling process and help you get your mount more quickly. Alchemy is not one of them.


Do you think leatherworking combined with skinning would work out? I heard fishing and cooking makes money but I’m not seeing it.

I picked up because of the vendor profit…


I just got to level 40 today with 115g. I got the majority of my gold from skinning, fishing and dungeon runs

Choose the professions you want to have and use. If you’re going to spend so much time playing the AH, you might as well invest in the stock market or start an online business.

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Short term, Skinning is great. The Leathers will vendor for a nice price and make killing most Beasts (the most common quest/grind mob) much more rewarding to kill. The Hides are much rarer, and will generally be worth a lot more when Auctioned than when vendored.

Long term, Alchemy. You’ll not only save money not buying tons of consumables, but you can make money by selling them to others.

5Head 200IQ Social Engineering Long Term, Enchanting. It’s among the most expensive and time consuming of the crafting professions to max out, and even then you’ll need rep with a ton of different places and hope for drops to get a good catalog of enchants to sell, and on top of all that you have to sell them directly. But you can charge a hefty sum for your work, especially if nobody else is around with a particular enchant.

Anyway, in your case I would drop Engineering for now. Since you don’t have Mining, that means you’re blowing way too much money on buying the materials you need to level it up. If you’re intent on keeping it, then drop Skinning and pick up Mining.

As for alts, Alchemy is going to be pretty much the best thing for them thanks to Arcanite transmutes. But that, of course, requires Herbalism or buying tons of herbs. Anyway, Arcanite is going to be a massively in demand resource for a long, long time. Many of the best crafted weapons and heavy armor require it, T3 requires it, random quests require it, the Warlock and Paladin mount quests require it, and a single Alchemist can only produce a single bar once every two days. Massive demand + intentionally gated and limited supply = $$$$$


My leatherworker pretty much vendors most of the gear she makes. There are some patterns that vendor for a bit more than the vendor price of the individual mats.

Most folks simply don’t have the coin to buy gear while leveling right now. At least, not that I’ve seen. Margins are so tight that putting anything up on the AH and it doesn’t sell, the AH fee alone kills any profit above vendor price. Very risky to put a lot of stuff up now.


Fishing is really nice, by the time you get to desolace, the trunk chests can give out a gold or more worth of materials to AH. Grinding mobs with 5+ silver worth of grays can also add up pretty quickly while giving you some good xp.


Everything is rock bottom cheap at the moment because everyone is leveling and everyone has gathering professions. Most profession mats are selling for barely above vendor price on the AH. Enchanting mats are basically worthless because nobody yet has any good enchanting recipes (and the demand for top end enchanting recipes is what drives demand for the entire profession, since hardly anybody bothers to enchant gear while leveling).

I have almost all of my profits by simply crafting things and vendoring, taking advantage of the ridiculously low prices of ores, stone, leather and cloth. Engineering is very good for this (explosives vendor really well).

There are a lot of profitable crafts out there right now - especially cooking. Roast Raptor, Curiously Tasty Omelet, Carrion Surprise are all vendoring for a profit on my server.

Alchemy has a low investment, high profit items (transmutes), and bulk items with consistent demand (pots and flasks). Easily the best money maker all-around.

Enchanting is probably second best, but it has a high investment level you may not make returns on, because the most in demand enchantments are rare drops from end game content. You can make decent, consistent work without those special twink enchants, you’ll always be needed, but the gold sink to level it is unattractive if you just want pure profit. Get a gathering prof instead.

The others are more ‘making money by saving you money’ because you now don’t need to buy the niche items they produce like legging kits, small bags, and the few decent gear pieces.

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I imagine the majority of ppl are leatherworkers and guess what I end up vendoring most of my crafted stuff because too many ppl in the market trying to sell stuff.

Might be different on your server but that is doubtful since a lot of websites were telling people to skin.

That’ll be true in a few months, but with the market being so saturated right now it’s like vendor price for about anything alch related.

Yeah, so far nothing is really worth any value on Whitemane. There are just too many people and far too much on the AH and since BG’s aren’t out there isn’t a huge investment in twinks which I found some pricey stuff to sell for. Things that are worth 25-100g are selling for 1-10g it’s really depressing.

Skinning is tanked for sure, but so are all gathering professions more or less.
We now have a server economy, so people need to stop being lazy and undercut blindly. Crafters are raking in the gold, while gatherers remain poor.

Just means you have more to vendor if nothing else, which isn’t negligible especially as you go up in level.

I’m at 36g at level 33. I keep away from the AH as much as possible (I have probably spent less than 5G in total), AH whatever greens/rares I can, and vendor the rest. With Mine/BS I’ve created a lot of garbage gear that vendors at a decent price and also a lot of the time people are selling them for barely above vendor price anyways.

You also have to be really picky with what new skills you pick up and not just buy everything.

Crafters are raking in gold ??? What crafters would that be because the leatherworkers on my server aren’t (except maybe for those ones making devilsaur gear) and the people farming that leather are charging 9g each.

There are plenty of leathworking patterns that can vendor for a profit if the price of leather is low enough. That’s how they are making a profit, but you won’t hear about it because they don’t need to advertise in trade to make that profit. E.G. Thick Leather is selling for around 5s each on my server, at that price you can just craft and vendor Nightscape Headbands and make 10 silver each time.

Personally I made 70g in a few hours just crafting level 35 engineering explosives and vendoring them.

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