Best (fastest) strategy for Super Squirt Day?

Hi all, thanks for any input…

Q1: What consumables do i need for Super Squirt Day (SSD)? Safari Hat plus Burger, or something?

Q2: Best (fastest) strategy for SSD?

I’ve seen 3 strats listed…

Bronze Whelpling (SS listed, I have PP)
Widget the Departed
Level 1 pet

Enchanted Broom
Level 1 pet

Enchanted Broom
Level #1 pet

I have all pets from #3, but maybe more importantly, #3 seems to be the best (fastest) strategy, from my reading.

Anyone can comment on this, or suggest an even better/faster strategy?

Thanks again.

I use #3. Easy and quick.

Alternate between 1 and 3.
Staves off the boredom and halves the pet mending.

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When battling super Squirt or the repeatable Legion tamers during pet week, if you use a Safari Hat and no other XP buffs a pet will level from 1 to 24 in 2 battles.

It’s easy enough to use a plus-one-level stone on each later, and a bonus I like is that you can easily count the level 24s to see how many pets you’ve leveled.

I think #1 is faster, but you really need the S/S Whelpling. And Widget can be kind of pricey.

I use #2 above. Very reliable, if not a little slower. Level 1’s become lvl 24/25’s in no time! :smiley:

in my experience with the hat it’s 1-25 in 2 battles; without any xp buff it’s 1-24 in 2. But maybe something changed.

Personally I use strategy 1, but I do have an SS dragon so I’m not sure how much impact using PP would have. What I’ve read is that 1 is a little faster than 3 because bonestorm’s animation is long, but the difference isn’t huge as I recall.

I use #1 with a S/S. With hat it’s two battles to go 1 to 25.

Where you want a food buff is when you have a pile of pets at 11-12 range, then with hat and extra buff you can reach 25 in one pet battle. Back in Legion that was useful knowledge as there were several dailies that you could easy carry a one to level 11. So I would do that with as many 1’s as possible to setup for easier super squirt day.

Thanks for all the info. everyone.

Ill probably go #3, even though Bonestorm apparently has a longer animation. It sounds like, you can get it where you press just ONE button the entire string of 11 rounds or whatever.

I’ve also realized, i do NOT have Safari Hat, so i am going to work through that with some lower-level guys, to get EXP out of the various pet trainers.

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Just buy a couple burgers if you have some charms. The food buff lasts an hour and burger buff is same as hat.

Another possibility with pet week are the Legion trainers. A lot of it depends on luck with which ones show up during the week, but Bodhi Sunwayver, Sir Galveston, Robert Craig among several others all have dependable level 1 carry pet strats that can get you 1-25 with two fights with the safari hat.

The bonus here is that you can also level up your alts along with the pets, each fight gives the full xp and can be done over and over.

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Awesome thanks. Got a guy who just hit 98, so ill try to hit them up.

I’ve never leveled any of my pets either, but plan to this time. I am just wondering how long this will take per pet being leveled from 1-25. 2 mins per pet battle?

I think of it as 2 minutes per battle, including the side trip to get the pets healed back up for the next one. With laserlike focus it’s probably more like 1:45 but I don’t feel a need to concentrate that hard for hours at a time.

I tried all 3 for a while and found that for me, #1 had the fastest time overall and on average. However, it took a lot more focus than some of the other ones. The S/S is really important though. You want to be faster than Tyri so you can get off your attack before he kills you on his first round.

Sir Galveston is up today. :slight_smile:

I posted earlier that 2 Dalaran pet tamer battles wearing a Safari Hat would get your level 1 pet to level 24. Either it’s changed or I was mistaken. Two battles with Hat against Bodhi yesterday or Galveston today are getting my level 1s to level 25.

This is when I enable Rematch - IMO it takes the fun out of pet battling, but when just repeatedly grinding the one battle while watching movies and sipping tea, it’s nice to be able to just mindlessly press AAAAA all evening.

that sounds like you’ve got tdPetBattleScript in there too (so do I, for the same reason :slight_smile: )

Yes, I tend to think of them as parts of the one add-on, they are so handy together for leveling binges.

Sir Galveston is up two days running this week, so I’ve leveled a couple of hundred pets to sell and leveled my Mag’har Orc up enough to get her own garrison. Only took me all day and all night. :wink:

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I use #1.

I’m excited, I usually use the Tamer Draenei girl in Draenor Shadowmoon Valley to (slowly) level my pets because I’m lazy. Yay for Super Squirt this week!!

#1 is the fastest, all are reliable. #3 is just the all around easier option for many players to get into. Why #3 is not the fastest is animation timing on BONESTORM!!! really adds up.

Get yourself tdBattlePetScript to use the set rotations for mindless single button pushes until you win, and “Turn In” to make the conversation with your garrison pet healer automatic (/turnin window, enable, check the npc, check the ‘heal my pets’ dialogue option).

From there it’s all about keeping yourself in play… food, snacks, liquids… and most importantly… join a raid group for it, talk to your fellow tamers! :slight_smile:

The only major question I have, did they fix it so she also gives XP or is she still neutered after the fix for BfA tamers?