Best (fastest) strategy for Super Squirt Day?

Today is the day NA players! Level them pets!


Would you mind sharing the macro/script for tdBattlePetScript, plus instructions if possible?

So far, i have not used it successfully.

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Better instructions than I could come up with are at The strategy for option 1 is at but if you want to use a different strategy mouseover the “13 alternatives” tab at the right and pick which set of pets you want to work with.

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1 broom
2 leveler
3 chrominius

fastest combo so far

never lose


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3 still works perfectly:

Pet 1: Enchanted Broom (Batter, Sweep, Wind-Up)
Pet 2: Boneshard (All three BONESTORM)
Pet 3: Any leveling pet, level 1+
Round 1: Sweep
Round 2: Swap to leveling pet
Round 3: Swap to Boneshard
Round 4: Use # 1 BONESTORM
Round 5: Use # 2 BONESTORM
Round 6: Use # 3 BONESTORM
Round 7: Pass, Boneshard dies. Bring in Enchanted Broom
Round 8: Wind-Up
Round 9: Wind-Up
Round 10: Batter
Round 11: Batter

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We have that one on Xu-Fu’s logged at ~ 1:21

Our quickest strategy is by nogulpfrog at 9 rounds, ~ 0:58,_Tyri_and_Puzzle

The bonestorm animation takes to long.

I use the TMD-Torghast Lurker one, but there are many that are fine

I just like using Time Bomb