Best covenants for all druid specs?

Hi everyone. Just kind of wanna get people’s opinions on which covenants we will be taking for pvp and pve.

I think covenants should be tied to specs not classes personally…but that’s just me, and thats a different conversation… the optimal covenant for say, a pve feral is going to be different for a pvp resto. And since druid has the most amount of roles and specs, i feel that the druid class will suffer the most from being locked in to one covenant ony.

Anyways, I’m thinking of playing resto for pvp and balance for pve. I think I should take the night fae covenant probably.

What are you guys going to pick? Also if I was to main guardian pve spec, which covenant would be best do you guys think?

Thanks and looking forward to everyone’s input.



They all currently look very competitive but as feral I’m liking the night feys ability, it’s very bursty first pvp.

For Resto/Guardian I would say Kirian;

Kindred Protection
[Protect your bonded partner, redirecting 40% of damage they take to you, unless you fall below 20% health.]

Kindred Focus
[Focus on your bonded partner, replicating 50% of all healing you deal onto them.

For Feral/Balance its looking like a toss up between Night Fey or Wenthyr. The Night Fey ability needs more work to not only favour but exclusively use spec specific abilities in the rotation.

As someone who plays 2 specs, I’ll probably go Necrolord for Adaptive Swarm.


Venthyr gives good looking leather armor ^^
Also gives tmog for tombstone on your back.

For numbers the Fae seems to be in general about randomness while Venthyr is stable % uppgrades. The others not sure how good they are but the absorbshield might be hard to actually use in pvp. Will Kyrian healthpot even be usable in pvp?

Vampire kitten?..Vampire BEAR?..Teleporting vampire bear!!

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What happens when that gets interrupted?

I’ll prob go Necrolord just cos i like the xmogs so much. Everything else be damned!
Edit: As Cafe mentioned Adaptive Swarm looks pretty neat.

Command a swarm that heals (240% of Spell power) or deals (150% of Spell power) Shadow damage over 12 sec to a target and increases the effectiveness of your periodic effects on them by 20%. Upon expiration, travels to a new target within 25 yards, alternating between friend and foe up to 3 times.
40 yd range, Instant cast, 25 sec cooldown.

qft I hadn’t thought about that tbh.

Ill prob lean towards necro lords then and adaptive swarm that increases bleed effects.

Only thing i’m confused about are the Soulbind abilities. Basically each covenant as 3 trees, right? So that’s 3 x 4 possibilities? So far the Nightfae stuff looked pretty fun for wpvp, but I just love those Necrolord mogs.

I main Resto so I will most likely be going Venthyr. The Ravenous Frenzy ability is too good to pass up for Resto. What is everyone elses thoughts on that?

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I think Blizzard sees covenants as a role-playing thing, which is why they’re so resistant to the idea of letting us switch on the fly.

I agree that our hybrid nature is probably going to work against us in Shadowlands. If you look at our covenant abilities and anima powers compared to everyone else’s, ours are all very generic. =(

Say no more, I’m sold.


its work in Cat/Bear form?

Kyrian: Guardian and Restoration; best with a friend. Both single and group targets.
Venthyr: Best for PvE; very bad for PvP. Both single and group targets.
Necrolord: Restoration most useful; Feral moderately good. Single target only.
Night Fae: Best for PvP; very random. Random targets.

Balance: Venthyr for PvE = Night Fae for PvP >> Kyrian for a neutral pick.
Feral: Venthyr for PvE = Night Fae for PvP, >> Kyrian/Necrolord for a neutral pick.
Guardian: Kyrian
Restoration: Venthyr for PvE = Kyrian/Night Fae for PvP >> Necrolord

I think I’ll end up going Kyrian or Night Fae as a Druid (Resto (main) > Feral (solo) > Balance (dps) > Guardian). I was checking out going Resto with Feral Affinity and PvP talent that increases Cat Form damage by 25% and Heart of the Wild. It just sounds insane.

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nightfey for all specs but guardian.

As a druid, I’m going Night Fae. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is my favorite play.

The thing that is unfortunate about covenants is that there is a good covenant and bad covenant for every aspect of the game. Necrolord might be best for pvp, but complete trash for raid and mythic+. This just snow balls for every covenant, for every spec, for every class.

Why can I not choose a covenant that I like the look of/the ability, and not have to worry about…am gimping myself in pvp because of this? Am I going to have a hard time finding a mythic key group because im not the correct covenant for my spec/class? Why wouldn’t you design all the abilities so they are good for everything?

There will obviously always be a clear winner, but you can get them close. Stop forcing us into these choices that make some players time in the game less fun.


Wouldn’t night fae be better for PvE?
I’ve seen that repeated a lot but it baffles me.

Many guilds I’ve read state night fae is best, hands down.

Depends on spec and raid or 5 man.

Every guide I’ve read says night fae for all resto content excluding pvp