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Nothing left!

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Looking for exceptional people!

Still have spots available!

Get back up there!

Looking for HEALERS!!

Bummppp to the top!

208 ilvl mm hunter lfg. bnet - Rosgaros#1423

Sent you a B-tag request, Rauna!

Recruiting exceptional people! Add for details!

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any hpal needs?

Hello, Stark

No, we filled that spot. Only looking for an R-Druid and R-Shaman.

H-Paladin spot reopened! Feel free to add if you’re still interested, Stark.

Getting Sire down tomorrow! Filling up for Mythic!

Sire down on our very first week! Heck yeah! :smiley:

Get back up there!

LF Ranged DPS!

Sire down on our first arid week! Still looking for Ranged dps to fill out our team for mythic!

To the top! Eager to get into Mythic ASAP!

Hey, if you are interested in joining our guild and would like a trial, please reach out to me!

  • XeLeMeNTaLX#1312 (B-tag)
  • Auliser#5189

We are so close on filling out our entire roster, so if you are looking to enter mythic and be led by cutting edge leadership look no further then Criticism. Spots are filling fast, so please reach out ASAP!.

Currently we are looking for:

  • 2 Affliction Warlocks
  • 2 Balance Druids
  • 1 Shadow Priest
  • 1 Marksmanship Hunter