Be advised

I don’t normally make these kind of posts, since I never had to, but be advised of a druid named ‘Verdrood’ (alt: Hivertz, Discord handle: Krizzly#4863).
He joined to raid as tank, ran two runs everything went well then decided a few days before NWC, he said he didn’t want to tank leaving me in a bad spot (we managed since my guildies are awesome).
He tried to argue with me before the new raid that he never said he wouldn’t raid, just didn’t want to. Unnecessary drama but moved we on, him not raiding. He stayed in the guild but I began doing my banking duties and noticed things missing on a faster basis.
I checked logs and he was maxing his limits out each day on every tab taking the most expensive item (thankfully his limits weren’t that high).

I just don’t want to see anyone be duped by this guy since he was a total flake on things, or have their bank ninja-ed.
He also runs with a warrior named: Gønepostal (whom was very cool guy and had no issues out of).

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