BDF WotLK players

I’m back on wow again and wondering if anyone from BDF who played during the WotLK still plays? If so, please list your name then, guild and faction. Ive since moved off BDF, following RL friends, but I was Neilthegreat, Alliance, and was with the Knights of virtue, and Defiance.

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I was a Night Elf Warrior back then, switched to gnome for the racial. Still on BDF, gave up on Warrior during WoD though. Not the same class imo, boring damage bot class now.

Tyyr (shaman) and Raggnarok (DK). Virtuous, insidious, fallen saints, and echelon


when were you with Echelon? I raided with them when Uld just opened up on my rogue (wickeditch).

dead server lmao

Hey, some familiar faces!
@Friga, and Neil I recognize both of these names, and Neil I see you are with Ancient Legends!
I started on BDF back in late vanilla, and was in End of Days at that time. I came back mid-BC after a brief hiatus and raided with Ancient Legends through all of BC (though I also raided with Trance’s alt groups) In WOTLK I also raided with Ancient Legends until I had a bit of a childish falling out over some silliness. At that point I started raiding with Unstable, and was invited to Trance as the Trance & US merger happened to create Insidious. I raided with Insidious until they disbanded after TOGC was “TOO EASY”. Most of the insidious members went horde during the mass FH/Memoirs etc horde exodus. I returned to Ancient Legends for the remainder of WOTLK, and I miss that group sorely if Inubus, Cyrin, Kaloc, Jaynu, or Alpha, Nicademus, Omegadk, Aedar or any of the OGs are around tell them I said “What’s Up!” I do miss raiding, and only very casually play at the moment. I have a toon on classic, but can’t really spend the time on it like I wanted to.

Theroxis - hey man, I remember that name. I completely forgot about the merger that became Trance. I am now back on Alliance on Sargeras.