BCC Season 3 PvP Updates

Does this increased discount affect the honor pieces also or just stuff bought with Arena Points?

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This is a horrible change there was no season 3 for t6 tokens in original TBC and this change makes it awful for anyone trying to gear alts because all the people trying to live out their pvp dreams while hard stuck at 1500 are going to inflate the price of tier gear.

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Does the discount come in immediately?

Any update on what’s happening with S4 off set pieces if they are rating required? This is mainly around the boots/ring/bracers.

I wanna buy the S4 upgrades but on the PTR they are shown as rating required as shown in a topic I’ve posted before:

I wanna know if I should spend my honor on S3 pieces if they are going to go away in S4 and then the S4 variants are then blocked, it would mean I wouldn’t be able to get any of those pieces. It seems like I’m forced to PvE to get the S2 pieces.

None of these changes or updates make ending the season after 15 weeks acceptable.


What was the point of a 10% increase???

Like bruh…

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Will be we able to get S2 gear for honor similar to how S1 gear is purchasable now?

Thank you for listening to the community, Kaivax. Looking forward to getting my feet wet in arena for this final season.

Crossing my fingers and hoping yall listen to us regarding PvE->PvP xfers (happened in sunwell 2008) and other population issues as we finish this expansion and begin new adventures!

Sorry that’s Blizzard secret sauce, nobody can have it.


Is the honor stuff going to be discounted as well like it is in S3?

That would be the theory, yes. And I think that’s what happened in OG TBC as well.

They provided the reason for this in the very next line. I hope you’re not confused in this being a reduction in the discounted rate since it is an increase (IE: items costing less now).

" This should allow for players who reached the cap of 5,000 Arena Points to buy their set and a two-hand weapon, or their set and main hand and an offhand item."

Can you confirm or deny that the season 4 off-set items will or will not deploy with rating requirements?


does this affect our arena points savings?

Your guys math is off., for caster its 5010 points for All arena pieces and Main and off hand.

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Kaivax can only say what he’s told to say, not the CMs fault they aren’t give the ok on info.


How will this harm anything? Its actually a good thing because it makes HS still worth running and makes BT more valuable making it easier to get alts in after SWP is out.

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Stop going to gdkps then?


Doesn’t match up with putting the original tbc S4 ratings on the S4 honor gear. Challenger in all 3 brackets this season is under 1500, where new teams started back then.


The only reason I spent any AP this season is because I thought the season would go on longer and I would be able to recuperate my AP.

Now I only have enough for one piece tomorrow even with the new discounts; and yet any PvEer with enough tokens can buy out a full set meanwhile I, who grinded all season, won’t.

Thanks alot.