BCC Season 3 PvP Updates

Starting to feel that way, which is depressing for me, but oh well. Will probably just let it roll over to honor then, its worth more to me that way. 25 points short. Ugh.

Seems like it would be somewhat of a pain to fix, and a fix would alienate people that already spent their points. So it’s a lose-lose even if they did fix it. Lots of the anger could have been avoided had they simply admitted the original announcement was inaccurate and the adjustment will be S4 only. But now they’ve got people sitting on arena and honor points and angry that they’re being ignored.

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Please address the (multiple) issues in regards to Arena + Honor PvP related gear asap.

which is why they aren’t saying anything, its a

“oh if we do anything else or attempt to fix it, it could cause more drama so stay silent”

tbc is on maintenance mode, your opinions mean nothing, stay subbed for wrath!

no one wants to help maintain old code, they made modifications but they didn’t take into account that S4 pieces were different. when they saw the mistake, they probably were like “well lets just keep them where it is” s4 weapon was at 2050 rating required originally, s4 shoulders were at 2200 rating required originally. Or they wanted to make changes but got overrode by upper management,

“do the least amount of changes as you can even if theres an existing mistake”

They don’t want to make any changes to honor values or gear in this weird, halfway point between s3 ending and s4 starting with sunwell because they don’t wanna touch code before a release, so this is what you get community!

I really hate management/top level people who put these sort of restrictions on it. You know all the devs and community managers have seen this problem and probably brought it up. They are probably muzzled at this point, they made adjustments at the start of S1 and S2, had the intention of making S3 lasting just as long.

But no, that top level directive changed all that, no more communication, no more speaking about TBC, get wrath out ASAP.

It’s the only explanation why they have been so silent when clearly we see the problem.

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they still performing maintenance? or just minimal effort on all their work going forward?

A few minutes ago, we implemented a bugfix for the incorrect prices.

Vindicator’s gear has universally had its cost reduced in Honor Points, and Marks of Honor are no longer required for any piece, as intended.

In Season 4 next week, Guardian’s Honor pieces will have their Marks of Honor cost universally reduced by 50%, but their Honor cost remains as before, as intended.

Thank you for your reports and helping us track down this bug.


T6 tokens for S3 gear…was this meant to be available during off-season or is it only available starting May 10th?

Many of us were spending our remaining AP based on T6 tokens we may have saved when you announced that this feature would be available this week.

And the rest of the outstanding questions?

Halfway there, appreciate it.

But in Season 4 next week, arena points are wiped. Points we’re waiting to spend until these alleged bonus points actually go out.


What happens if I bought a piece of vindicator armor yesterday for full price + marks? Will I be refunded?


If you refund it (aka haven’t equipped it). Then you’ll get back what it cost and can buy it again cheaper.

If not :frowning: That’s why there was so many of these posts waiting for an announcement before we spent our points.

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“After season 3” and “point cap” refers to the period in-between season. There is no point in hoarding point at the end of the last season.

I wonder if last week includes the bonus already

The token vendor is only on the Isle of Quel’danas. So not only will you have to wait til the 10th, but your realm must also complete enough dailies to unlock the vendor, which will take some time.

Look up the Shattered Sun Offensive for more info.


Can we have some sort of feedback about whether rating requirements on gear (e.g. 1575) is considered reasonable when arena teams start from 0. Back in the day, 1500 to 1575 was reasonable (under 10 wins), that’s not the case when you start from 0.


Just going to ignore the rest of the questions? t6 tokens, arena point increase and so on. Tell us you don’t care with out saying you don’t care.

If we bought items during the Tuesday → Thursday period that were incorrectly priced, can we get refunded the difference and our tokens back?


Hello? Is anyone out there? lol

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Thanks so much!

Can you give us an update on Arena Points? Will they be increased as we were told they would be?


Thanks for addressing the honor and token cost issue. We have few other issues that needs to be addressed, but it’s definitely a step forward. With the remaining issues, the arena point one is the most crucial:
as it is time sensitive (before it gets converted to honor for season 4).

Again to reiterate:

  • Last week’s arena points were calculated and distributed with the old formula, and we did not receive any increase in arena points that we were promised in the blue post.

  • Currently available tier 6 vendors do not have season 3 gear tradable with tier 6 tokens. This does not fit the term “now” that was used in the blue post.


What about the bonus Arena Points we were supposed to get this week?

We were clearly supposed to get bonus points on May 3rd. That didn’t happen.

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