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The CoC is significantly better because if youve spent any time on these forums at all youd realize 98% of posts are from the most casual players in the game who play 2 hours a week, clear 50% of the content, and think they know everything about the game. Classic wouldnt even exist if those people dictated blizzards direction on the game. The only reason classic even exists is because of the people who actually love and play the game and are decent at it.

I just want this to be another retail WoW, let’s make it happen!

Who’s with me?

Retail WoW 2 here we come!

Shadowlands 2 electric boogaloo

And you still are

Thank you for all the comments so far! I’m reading through them all.

One thing I’d like to point out that keeps being brought up is a “PR middle man”.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or ever had to do it, but dealing with a ton of posts/people talking every different direction is very difficult to navigate. Also for them, they different jobs to investigate, adjust, change, or deal with whatever is the current issues at hand. Reading through the forums and combing through the good and the bad, formulating responses, going through the hoops they may have to just to even think about responding… I don’t envy them at all.

There’s a lot the community doesn’t know about that goes on behind the scenes between players and the devs or whoever at the time. I mentioned Aggrend (Who is the Game Producer now) in my initial post because he’s been extremely helpful and insightful all throughout Classic, albeit behind the scenes. The council is just an attempt at bringing that into public light rather than behind closed doors. They still have their own red tape to cut through, but as you have seen from Pazorax the last day or so I’d expect responses to be less “must go through hoops” and more “what about this?” and actual discussion. I think that will be more of the norm rather than silence, but we’ll see. There’s also been discussion of live chats as a possibility but again probably something we’ll have to wait to hear more about.

With that being said, I play this “PR middle man” role because I’m passionate about the game, and I’m willing to take time out of my day after work and try to make the game better if I can. I’m not perfect and I do have my own opinions about certain things.

Lastly wanted to point out something I already pointed out, maybe it will go on deaf ears again but Kaivax and others have literally stated their goals of TBC, Classic, and even SoM when it launched. Their goals are what drives the decisions they make, and that goal for TBC is a faithful recreation of the game. Striving to be as authentic as possible but like Kaivax said using modern technology to solve modern problems.

Once again thank you for the responses. I’m here to help, if you don’t want to help then consider any comments made ignored because it doesn’t provide any value. Being constructive doesn’t have to agree with me, being constructive means not making one-off comments about the council or “I think it’s a waste of time” or random things like that. Do you really feel that it’s necessary to point that out? What do you think that accomplishes, really? I get frustrations and it’s easy to air them out but c’mon.


I have no questions as the math is done that CVOS is hunter prio already.


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Yep, that’s why I’d never attack you CoC people because you’re trying to help. IMO this should be a paid job since this is a company as large as Blizzard but here we are. It may be up to Activision at the top as to the funding. It’s nice that some people are passionate enough to just do this unpaid and take the flack.

Unfortunately, at this point to me, TBCC feels absolutely nothing to me like the original other than the content itself. I’ve posted many times with my thoughts before but the game has just moved further away from what I like, on the vast majority of realms anyway.

Saying that doesn’t help anything though. Hopefully, you are able to make a positive difference and use some of the feedback provided by posters. I do not think what you are doing is a waste of time.


I’d put PVP and arena participation in there - probably above dual spec ;p

Adding dual spec (something not needed in classic Vanilla) is trying to solve the issue by treating the symptoms and not the cause. The original design of the arena system was solid as is and shouldn’t have been modernised. It was a key drawcard and signature feature of TBC.

Currently the changes made to the arena system - starting rating at zero for instance, have artificially inhibited participation. That is probably the opposite effect of what should be the aim.

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But it isn’t. That isn’t what they did. I’d like for them to explain why that is. There are tons of changes to abilities, raids, mechanics, PvP and arena and in every other aspect of the game.

I know it won’t happen, but I’d like an explanation to each of these changes. They can start with growl. Why isn’t it a proper taunt like it was in BC instead of some piddly aggro dump?


If you’re referring to pet “Growl” it was never a “taunt” and has always been an ability that generates x amount of threat based on rank. TBC went a step further and made it unique in that there is RAP breakpoints where growl actually gains threat if you can get past that threshold. This is very well documented on Petopia’s archives for TBC.

As far as I know the only significant changes they’ve made (outside of truly progressive patches) is the player-driven server issues that haven’t been intervened properly, the same-faction bgs (modern problem, solved in a modern way to reduce queue times and make it enjoyable to be able to play rather than sit in a queue forever), the arena point system and how the seasons are being handled, the drums change, and some minor things here and there. Everything else that seems odd or out of place is true to TBC patch 2.4.3 pretty much. (also the boosts and mounts thing but I think that was always inevitable)

edit: growl info if you haven’t ever seen it:

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Blizzard enabled this. Blizzard created the systems and tools that enabled this. Blizzard sat back and watched it happen.

Dont put it on the players.

Its Blizzards fault. They are LITERALLY paid to manage the game.


I’m happy overall with the game so far… But if I was to be picky I would say that attunements were turned off too soon and difficulties adjusted too soon… I feel like they should have connected dead realms much sooner than Phase 3 if they even fix them. The biggest issue tho that I have is the lack of funneling in brand new players… They should figure out how to do that.

Where players transfer to, what servers they pick, what happens to those servers is 100% player-driven. Why do people leave a server? Because the stronger faction typically overpowers them and scares them away by making the open world unenjoyable, getting to raids unenjoyable etc. Thats a player problem, not a blizz problem. Blizz may have mishandled some free transfers, or mishandled transfers in general, but it’s actually 100% up to the players to leave a server rather than try to make it better. I don’t disagree Blizz could have done/can do more to make it better though.

Boosts I’ll agree weren’t a great addition and may have played a part, but the servers were FUBAR well before boosts even entered the picture.

Layers made it easier for servers to become megaservers, true, but it also prevents the undesired effect of sitting in a queue to login or unable to raid because you didn’t log in 3 hours before primetime. Also players nowadays would rather play on megaservers than sit around for 20-30 minutes looking for 1 stinkin tank for that N BM because even though it’s primetime people aren’t playing like they used to. Raid logging is probably much more common nowadays because people are more likely to finish things in a more timely manner with the knowledge of the game that’s available.

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My realm was fine. Playable. Healthy. My faction didnt run because they were getting owned, they died, because its easier to just just run like sheep to a mega server.

Its easier, because of infinite layers, supporting 20,000 RAIDERS on a single realm.

There SHOULD be queues. There SHOULD have been reasons to not push people into these mega realms.

People want a tank? Roll one or JOIN A GUILD.

No offense, but your responses make it clear that this game is simply dead to me.


Yes but that allowed a few servers to expand to 25k+ raiders (and who knows how many casuals etc) while killing the rest of the servers.

In Classic in April 2020 queues got bad and they added one layer and then turned off character transfers and new character creations on certain servers for a few months. While that did cause some issues for people (with playing with friends) at least 10x the number of people have been affected by the inaction that took place within the last 6 months. Almost every server community has totally been destroyed and we are left with a shell of an MMO.

Something like 80%+ of the current player base has paid to transfer in the last 6 months whereas if action had been taken 50%+ of the servers could have been saved. I along with other posters, EU forum posters, those on Reddit, Youtube, Twitter etc have talked about this going back to June 2021. The common thought is that it was transfer money-driven. Free upsell money and then point fingers at the players for wrecking servers in the end. That’s pretty easy for a company to do (and I blame the players and Blizzard FWIW).

Mega servers have tank shortages too! This is more of a “how many people want to tank issue”. This quote also shows that YOUR preference is mega servers. That’s fine, but the solution for those who do not like mega servers now that there is no real choice is only one - quit the game, find something else. So many of my friends have quit even after transferring to the biggest servers it’s not even funny, because the community is no longer there and the game is in no way authentic to how it was. Instead, it’s basically just Retail with a TBC skin.

Anyway, I’m almost at the point of apathy with one foot out the door because things just get worse and worse. I’m glad Grobbulus still exist and IMO is the only good server left, even though it’s mega too but it actually does have a community, and I’m glad SoM is a thing that I enjoy (it’s just really finite timing) but if all of my friends quit I’ll be out for good, which is like whatever who cares about you quitting, but many others who feel like me already are.


Yeah, it’s like people just want a different game, even the CoC people, then I do and you seem to. What can we do really?

I applaud your efforts, but any word from Kaivax on enforcing existing rules in game? In particular, adverts staying in trade chat, not lfg?


My guild is probably going to transfer. Unless someone pays for me, I’m done.


Go ahead and leave growl on in a raid and see what happens. Nothing. Your pet will never pull off the tank as was the case in BC when it was a huge no no to leave growl on. Now the only reason hunters even bother turning it off in raids is for focus.

So yes. It’s WAYYY off and every single hunter who played og BC and TBCC will tell you so.