[BCC] Community Council Dart Board

I’ve seen a few times now where people want to ask questions or post/bring up certain issues that maybe have or haven’t been voiced in the community council. So for the BCC community, what would you like to see discussed or improved?
A couple of guidelines when posting if you can try to follow them:

  • Be realistic (massive dev requirements are probably out of the picture)
  • Be constructive
  • Keep in mind the main goal of BCC - an authentic as possible version of the game that can be enjoyed

Somethings to keep in mind:

  • at least right now there’s only a few of us from classic, I’ll try my best to respond where I can but ultimately I can’t stay glued to the forums, other members are welcome to chime in as well.
  • There’s already a response that’s being worked on for the servers issue - it’s not a simple answer and it’s a very complicated process (apparently) to get certain things talked about…

Like I said in the about me: I just want the game to be good for me and anyone that plays it. I’ve put a ton of effort into supporting Aggrend and the QA team during betas and helping identify bugs or misplaced items, shaping the game to what it is today in my own way. (blame me for the machine gun autos bug being fixed for example, hunters :stuck_out_tongue: ) I try to be unbiased where I can and I can promise you I’m not some random player that doesn’t know anything.

I want the game to be as good as it can be (without obvious redesigns). Post your comments below and I’ll read them when I can. Thanks!


power-tripping yet? Who are you to state the ‘main goal of BCC’? what is this ‘shaping the game to what it is today in my own way’? WTF is ‘guidelines when posting’? Are you a moderator?

CC is a selective ‘general discussion’. They want your feedback, not ours. Please represent yourself only.


The council is a farce, nothing is going to change from it. It is strictly PR.

If blizzard wants to know what players want they could simply read these forums themselves.

No one needs a middle man to speak for the player base in the age of instant information on the internet. This whole CC is a PR joke.


I want to know how good Blizzard feels after not adding TBCC account services to the holiday sales after creating a huge demand for transfers by killing the weakest faction in every mega server.


The topics should already be obvious.

  1. Dual spec.
  2. Realm populations and dead factions.
  3. Constantly late content releases.
  4. Tokens, pets, mounts, other account services.

Realm populations are not the only topic, but feel free to make your own list instead of trying to “adjust” mine.


I want to know what the reaction from blizzard is going to be when someone rolls out 5 max gold caps to buy a set of warglaives, gdkps are reaching farcical levels, when does the straw break the camel’s back? Reminds me of the 22k character pool parties which was 20.5k deleted gnomes

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Very anxious for more details about this, and that’s about it.

Sorry to see all the flak you’ll get, it is clear you mean well and CC is better than nothing.
I think overall we are just quite jaded/despondent at this point and only more word/action from the blues will fix it.

  1. Lack of timely communication. Responding to feedback.
  2. Sever pop accounting for dead faction.

Lol I salute your efforts in trying to get some discussion going on what issues the community would like to address but as you can see the community cares more about being snarky and combative than actually discussing anything.


1.Get rid of the damn bots more promptly and punish gold buyers harder.

This shouldn’t need to be said.

  1. Stop with the premature nerfs or make them substantially less drastic and inline with how TBC actually went.
    STeamrollering SSC and TK should be doable if your guild is upto that sort of challenge, leaving it as a 2 night schedule for the rest of us plebs is fine. Heaven forbid people actually play the damn game.

Hi Sixxfury!

Could you please bring up remerging of battlegrounds and possible arenas for oceanic battlegroup with US battlegroups… at the bottom you can see screenshotts of 50 min + wsg queue times.

  • Server faction imbalances (PvE servers want balanced factions as well)
  • Bloated and dying servers
  • Persistent bugs

I’d also like to know why that is. You’d think fixing problems with your game wouldn’t be all that complicated, let alone just talking about it.


Well when you are dealing with a legion of snark posters that are waiting to twist every thing you say and move goal posts at every step of the way it becomes pretty complicated.

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In defense of Sixxfury here, there are so many ways to merge / balance out servers…

  • Forcing people off dead servers
  • Partial open-world merges (see people from your realmgroup in the open world)
  • Complete Merge (new server is created; old servers’ identities are lost)
  • Partial Open-world and Group merges (being able to group with people from your realmgroup and see them in the open world)
  • What servers need to be merged?
  • What servers can stay as is?
  • If “Complete Merge” is chosen, how many servers will there be in the end?

Can anybody provide any evidence that Blizzard has merged servers in the past? Like its everybody’s go to solution for the server pops but I’m pretty sure they have never done a server merge in the history of wow.

I mean total server merges have never been done, but realmgroups in retail are a thing

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To clarify, the impression I got from Sixxfury’s statement was that it was difficult to even get Blizzard to talk about anything. I know they don’t talk to their customers, but amongst themselves??

Hmmmm I interpreted it as Blizzard is currently coming up with a solution to adress Server Populations

Unfortunately to my knowledge it’s not a solution so much as just a discussion point of ideas and what could be done/what they’ve thought of so far. I was told a post was in the works 2 weeks ago though so that’s why I alluded to there obviously being some hoops needing jumped through or something :sweat_smile: