BC servers MUST have enforced faction balance

sadly asmongold think he stream snipe outside game and banned him, advertise told him to talk to him if he got to far, yet doesn’t want to

Asmgold bullies his friend Mcconnell for being ret paladin, trying to follow min max meta, dispite saying raiding is so easy that min max is optional lol

I honestly don’t pay much attention to it further than an interest in the drama/novelty of entertainment value. There is a lot of “theater” going on for the sake of entertainment there.

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totally agree, he tried to banned ClassicLFG addon, dispite was part of original vanilla in name of Call to Arms and gives easier LFG channel for dungeons as oppose to reading trade chat, yet he never heard of addon and thinks it isn’t vanilla

by this point classic got ruin by elitist min maxxer, want everyone to level up as fast as possible then to take their time leveling up like they did in first place

My guess is just like in classic there will be a few servers dedicated to being the Alliance servers, just like the few we have now, like Heartseeker.

I think for BC they will be known alot faster tho, like once servers are announced there will be info on where to go if you’re rolling Alliance.

The other servers…well they are DOA.

very true, that is why alot people avoid faerlina and herod cause streamers want to move there

I had been repeating only what others had said in other topics and that server sizes were smaller. Blizzard set out to remedy the queues by increasing size.

18-22k? or did you mean 1.8-2.2k?

“Vanilla realms were purposefully capped around 2.5-3k Even now the live realms are capped to 3.5k ish.”


“Believe it or not its not small, the private server scene having upwards to 10+k players online is extremely unblizz like and many servers need to edit quest mob spawns in order to cope. the vanilla world was created to have a 2.5-3k cap.”

These 10k references come from private servers.

Mark Kern even verifies this:


Which is why I think it’s going to get known really quickly where to go if you plan to be Alliance in BC, especially knowing what we know now about how bad phase 2 was for the minority faction.

I predict there will be atleast 2 dedicated Alliance servers that are over 80% Alliance.

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Assuming servers don’t just naturally carry over into TBC from Classic.

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If that’s what they do, then we already know what servers will be Alliance dominated, which makes it even easier.


wow if Tmog is coming, I will play TBC else nope for me, i have collected so many cool vanilla sets especially the PVP armor and I want them to be used in TBC. I don’t like the TBC armors which doesn’t have any identity other than the justicaar set which is meant for the Draenei.

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They should just creat mega servers and be done with it. Combine multiple servers that would make the population even and then keep it that way. It’s the only option they have left imo

So you listed random reddit guy who doesnt know how to read…
OPs post was that vanilla servers were 18-22k people per server(that is census number not concurrent, which he clarifies later even though its obvious in the OP)

The mark kern number is about vanilla concurrent numbers which is why he is talking about hardware limits… which I believe there is an interview in which he states that by the end of vanilla the servers were running at near capacity so 3.5-4k concurrent players.

Luckily its much easier to figure out classic’s concurrent server cap because its active and people were running scans when the servers had queues and were reporting 5k people online.

Also why would you post info about server sizes when layering was active, that is completely irrelevant information.

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There will only be PVE servers so that takes care of that.

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I think people are assuming too much about the faction split, many people don’t care at all about metas or what is most optimal, from what I’ve seen people are mostly chill and just want to have fun (or maybe Grobbulus is just that awesome of a server :wink: )

My guess pvp servers will be predominantly horde and pve servers will be predominantly alliance just like how it was in retail and you will have both alliance and horde clearing bt and swp and both sides will have high level arena teams, more horde pvp teams would be my guess.

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Have your opinions but these are legacy servers. This is not in active development and not likely to change. Faction populations were no more balanced then than they are now.

One of the greatest things about these boards is that they offer a place for people to discuss things that they like and don’t like. As well as a place for people to offer their thoughts on the various presented topics.

Sure, the topic at hand may not be in active development as far as we know, but no one knows what is going on behind the scenes in the giant think tank.

I don’t think that there was flight cancels in vanilla, yet on classic there is that. Was there wargames in vanilla? I believe even the way to autoloot was different in vanilla than it is in classic (not sure on that, but I could swear it was different)

As people discuss things, people may see other changes come to the classic releases. It is already proven that Blizz is not going with the #NOCHANGES! movement, so who knows what the future holds.

totally true, wish i can use cool mage purple mage robe from mage quest in alliance side, but #nochanges said NO

People who suggest this as a good option never seem to believe that THEY will be told they have to play something they don’t want.

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So screw the people who rolled pvp servers for the pvp ruleset? That’s bs. How about instead we put pvp cap on everyone. If you aren’t engaged in pvp on a pvp server at least 35% of your time. You get kicked to a pve server.
In one week this will fix balance because all the carebears will be on pve servers where they belong.
The carebears are the imbalance on pvp servers. They are there for pop and not the pvp.

Grobb is just that awesome of a server. Trust. I’ve played every PVP server. Stop talking about it before they ruin it too.


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