Battlegrounds in December, BWL in January

You’re a good troll and I respect it

can we get naxx in feb then? asking for a friend

Who will be the bigger troll if Battlegrounds do launch in December, me or Blizzard?

Would have to be you for single handily making them do something so foolish. You would be a god amongst nerds. You would be the chosen one!

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I think the announcement of Battlegrounds coming soon will be made sometime next week, or the week after at the latest. I’m more sure than ever that we’re going to get at least one Battleground before January.

Battlegrounds in December, woo!

Wpvp honor farming has just started. Relax, take a break or join the pvp farming if u can. I have some sympathy for ppl who found phase 2 a bit rushed or not given ppl enough time. Personally, i expected it to happen in early december but when it was announced at blizzcon to be 11 days after i had to hurry and get those last few levels sorted out on my claasic ret. Glad i did. Now i just live in SS for a while and wpvp until BGs come out but i still dont expect a walk in the park when that happens either coz im alliance on a pvp server, i know what u signed up for.

This retail posting scrub speaks for all classic wow players obviously.

Still hiding behind his retail account that’s cute.

Here you go little buddy. I post on my retail account because it elicits responses like yours.

Oh only one 60?

Hey come on, at least he’s 60. It’s about time Galdor manned up and owned Classic on the forums instead of complaining about it. Good to see.

Hey, I don’t know who you are but I’m gonna challenge you to find posts from me complaining about Classic. The most you’re going to find are posts from me saying the graphics suck and spell batching sucks.

Now compare that to many of the people that claimed I was some anti-Classic troll. The complaints from those people about Classic are never ending. I’m enjoying Classic a lot, I’m enjoying Phase 2 but I do want Battlegrounds to come out soon, because I think I’d enjoy those even more.

I live and breathe level 60 noob.

He’s right and I’m him.

Hey now skeeter he don’t want no trouble now.

What do my fine forum friends think? Battleground release announcement this week or next week?

“For those who are wanting a more structured form of PvP content that will be a greater source of Honor, we do have an update introducing instanced battlegrounds on the horizon. We’ll have more information about the next content update, which will include battlegrounds Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley, in the very near future.” - Ion Hazzikostas.

Next up, BWL in January.

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BWL release date announcement coming up in the next week. January or early February?