Battlegrounds are Garbage

Fix your awful BG Matchmaking already. Why in the world are full conq gear players in the same random bgs as ilvl 150 players?

Absolute garbage.


Are you asking for MMR in random quick matches?


ilvl brackets for random bgs. 50 to 90 Ilvl difference is way too much.


They are addressing pvp gearing next patch. Your new pvp gear won’t be as worthless in PvP anymore. Randoms don’t need any sort of matching system, they are just random quick matches. They are just for trying builds out, working on your own play, or farting around.

To face off against equally skilled opponents, we have MMR and rated BGs.

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Understand that.

In order to get into rated BG’s, one must have gear. In order to get gear, you must earn honor. Earning honor as a low ilvl player against full conquest players, very very slow.


Your issue is the need for better starting pvp gear and pvp gear scaling which is happening next patch. MMR in random quick matches would make Horde queues like 20 minutes and alliance 8 minutes. Would just be net negative, if you want equal footing we have that already, and they are fixing gearing issues.

You are saying that since the issue of gearing is so big between the two sides, the ques would be long.

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Horde have to play against Alliance in random quick matches. They already have like 11 minute queue. If you make them wait to match a similarly geared Alliance team, their queue time would be around 20 minutes on a good day.

Everyone would just play less, and your actual issue is already being fixed.


in ancient times people whom wanted short queue times went to the faction with short times


Same thing happens in rated BGs

And that’s as generous of an estimate as you could give it.

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What happens in rated BGs? Like I’m not trying to be mean to you, but your actual issue is being fixed.

If they implemented your idea, it would be long queue times for everyone both factions, your honor gains would be slower, and they’ve already fixed your issue.

Also if you want to get honor fast, I would just do campaign for get renown gear, then spam yolo rated BGs. Way faster.


Rated bgs with 10% vers?

I’m not sure the point you are trying to make here.

If you want, yes, you can hop into yolos with 10% versa and win some games.

Lol good luck getting into a group

You’re veering off course here but yes, you can go make a yolo group of your own, fill it, and cap conquest and honor quite easily instead of waiting on random quick matches to fill it for you.

I believe most campaigns should get you in the teens versa wise and close to 200 ilvl. You will be above 30k hp. It’s doable and is done by a lot of people, but we are way off course. MMR or ilvl brackets in random quick matches would be a very bad experience, and they’ve fixed your actual complaint next patch.


Hi, 2600+ exp rbger here. This toon hit 60 a week ago. I’m gearing and getting into groups without issue. This is a you problem.


Point is there shouldn’t be a 50 to 90 Ilvl difference.


you’re 2600 you will obviously have someone to play with and anyone would take you considering the rating. i don’t even agree with the OP but in reality if you have xp you don’t play the same game that non xp players have


Did I not start with 0 exp or did it come out of nowhere? I got it during a more competitive time period, in which LFG didn’t exist. Right now is the easiest it’s ever been to get exp.