Battleground unplayable

I have been doing AB weekend for three days. I have a list of over 170 different bots. I just queued a sec ago, and 12 of the 15 were bots. This game is becoming unplayable for an actual human at a keyboard. I have turned in numerous reports on the players, they still in there. Numerous posts have been made, nothing different. If an actual bliz employee would sit in AB for 3 matches they would see the pathing the bots take and how they operate.

If this is how wotlk is going to be, you lost me, my husband and two kids subscriptions.

I dont know where else to report this, to get the attention of blizzard.

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Reports are the only means to report. There isn’t a bolt of thunder from the sky that will remove someone from the port at moment. Blizzard takes time to look into such, see how things work before breaking them and account action the accounts. They don’t play wack-a-mole as that will just tip off the program makers.


They haven’t done such before, they don’t go into game action people for the show of it. They tried to live-report, once (read: only ever did a test), and all it did was cause folks to break the rules to try to get attention for such, not make it go away.

They do, it just the fact there’s a massively far more players then it was when the game first started out. They’re more busy handling tickets and don’t need to go in game to help folks like they did before.

They had to stop doing such, namely going in game and putting on a show, as it took time away from folks that needed help with tickets like “Tell me a joke” or “Use your GM powers” and the like.


When you post on the forums anyone with an account in good standing can reply. You don’t get to decide. If you do not wish to see a reply from someone, click their avatar to view their forum activity page. Top right change the drop down from Normal to Ignored.

The hacks team is in charge of anti cheating across all Blizzard games. To report a bot you need to right click in game and file the report. That captures the name, server, logs, etc.

If you need to submit more info than that, you can email They are not going to respond to you, but it gets the info to the right team.

Bot investigations are done over time. Then they break the bot and ban anyone they caught over the weeks or months using it.

They are not going to appear in game and “smite” your foes for you. I honestly don’t think they ever have. While they did do in-game appearances back in the early days, discipline is normally kept between the player and Blizzard. Not turned into a public spectacle.


Feel free.

Also keep in mind that this is the most moderated of all Blizzard’s forums.

P.S. You only get 5 flags a day.


The GM staff has not come into the game since early WotLK due to players asking them to do things other than fix issues. As for your statement that they would play whack-a-mole with bots, yes, during TBC they rarely did, but it was very rare.


Last time I saw a actual GM avatar in game was when Captain Place holder was broken just after Vanillas launch. I have never heard of a GM interfering in a PvP match, ever…


You have a list of suspected bots. Until you’re sitting behind the console at Blizzard, you only have suspicions. What you may presume to be a bot…may be a real live person. They could be getting a carry - while unsupported, is still allowable. Just like multi-boxing. You just do not know for certain what exactly is going on.

Investigations take time. They don’t want to suspend or ban people erroneously, no matter what the hoi polloi think. They want to make sure that it really is a bot. Then, they want to watch it and learn about it to try and break whatever loophole it’s using in the system to do its thing. Only then will they do a sweeping ban. Slapping down one account at a time does nothing, especially with the PvP issues. It may not be your preferred methodology, but that is how they do things. Neither way is perfect.

If things happened like you’re wanting, for someone to magically pop in and give someone the boot on your suspicions alone? How long do you think that’ll fly before the community rises up even more angrily than they are now with how things are currently run? Already people are screeching about report systems being abused. Now that kind of mentality you’re working from…good grief. That’s all I can think of if suspicions or malintent was enough for someone to get kicked out of the game and suspended or banned.


You report it in-game, by right click reporting, Gaea.