Battle Pet Suggestion

Here are 2 things and the first one you probably heard a million times but I’m going to say it again.

  1. Please bring battle pets to mobile. We’ve been waiting a while for this feature.

  2. In order to entice more people to play battle pets in the actual game and hopefully eventually mobile attach stats to them and I’ll give you some examples.

Let’s say you have a stormwind rat, it’s not hard to find or rare, so A common version when out at level 1 would add +1 STR to your character, a uncommon version would add a +1 STR and +2 DEF, and a rare version would add a +1 STR, +2 DEF and +1 AGI. The same rat at level 25 would add +100 STR, +200 DEF and +100 AGI.

This would be incentive for casual players and raiders alike to want to invest their time in battle pets, because they would see real world stat results. The rarer and harder the pet is to get, the better the stats, and they would be on every pet in the game.

The problem with the stat boost is you’d still have METAS so only a select few pets would be used.
There would also be a cry for ’ forced content ’ since it does add a stat bonus it would be a requirement to have ‘pet x’.

This is one of those things in-game that you can either do it, or not.
Those who don’t want to don’t have to and those who want to can enjoy it.

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I just would like for them to add a better PvP experience.
Something along the lines of a ‘tournament’ or something.
Maybe like the fishing contest.

There’s nothing wrong with that, people make metas sound like they’re bad, but they aren’t. They’re just the ideal standard, and like you said yourself if people don’t want to it they don’t have to. It’s not a requirement, just like enchanting or jewelcrafting, it’s something that helps but you don’t HAVE to have it.