Battle Pet e-peen thread


Post if you have Hearthy. One thousand pets represent!

(Vertigineux) #2

You made me check my number. I’m 15 away and there are more than 15 out there that are inexpensive/easy to get. I should stop being lazy.

I have no Hearthy epeen, but you have motivated me.


Happy to help.

(Neall) #4

Also, 1,059 unique pets - not even 1st, 2nd or 3rd in my guild.


According to my pet journal, I have 1036 unique pets, including Hearthy.
All the playable ones other than the Deathsting Scorpid I got an hour back are rared and leveled.
And there are still heaps more that I don’t have.

(Amayita) #6

Got mine on the 16th. My realm rank according to Warcraft Pets is #16, and I’m at 1020 unique shrugs (This guild was just for a friend to have access to a guild bank. I’m not in a ‘real’ guild.)

(Zivi) #7

Armory shows 1102 unique pets, in game tab shows 1100. I’ve had my Hearthy since Aug. 17th.

You can say I’m a little addicted. LOL


Wait, one thousand one hundred and two? That can’t be right. There aren’t that many battle pets in the game.

(Zivi) #9

You may want to check on that before you say that. I tried to link my warcraftpets link but it’s not allowing me to.

(Neall) #10

51 uncollected pets plus 1059 (I was wrong above - was on an alt when I looked) collected = 1110 in game (at least)


Oh, you’re right. There are 1102 that can battle, and 1122 available total.

So… what’s your name on warcraftpets, Zivi? Because you have easily one of the top five collections in-game.

(Zivi) #12

Ziv on Suramar #6 on Warcraftpets


Just checked your armory too. That’s damn impressive; I’ve never seen someone who’s only missing… what… twenty pets? And some of those – like the leper rat – aren’t even hard to get.

(Taleranor) #14

I’m sitting at 1072 unique pets at the moment, with enough charms to get 2 more of the Hordeside pets. Also missing some achievement-related ones like Lagan and Micronax, a bunch of new Island pets, the RAF pets…

So a little ways to go.

(Loncis) #15

I wasn’t going to say anything, since I didn’t make the achievement. In fact, I’m not even close and it doesn’t even look like I have a reasonable chance of ever getting Hearthy. But since others have, I will, too.

I checked my achievement and according to it, I have 895 unique pets.

(Dyngdawng) #16

Have 1060 pets, so yes have hearthy.

For BfA pets, I still need to unlock a few vendor pets on the horde side, just been lazy (have about 800 charms saved up though), need two of the gnomeregan pets still, a few more of the new IE pets, and slippy.

think that is mostly it, besides hard to get ones… I still need one from DMF achievement, the one from 250 pvp wins, and a couple others like that.

beyond that, the ones i dont have are mostly old collectors edition, RAF, and promo pets that I will never see.

(Zivi) #17

Thank you :smiley:

There are people with more pets than me. Also there’s wowprogress site that has other countries that have collected older collectors edition pets & they’re sitting at 1110 pets.

(Ravenbella) #18

1001 pets, I just received Hearthy this week :smiley:

(Zunde) #19


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(Neall) #20