Battle Pet e-peen thread

(Neall) #21

You can bold nothing


(Holsteiner) #22

Just south of 900 now.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

On second thought, that light may only be the Firefly I’ve been farming for two straight days now.

(Ravenbella) #23

Good luck getting the firefly!

(Grarn) #24

Got it today, timed it so the Family Brawler pet reward was my 1000th. So it was a double reward. :grin:

(Vertigineux) #25

Ey, got him today! :smiley:

Edit; how does it work? I summoned him, but there’s no special icon when i mouse over, and nothing happens when I click on him. My hearthstone is NOT on CD,
Edit edit; looks like you need an actual plain hearthstone in your bag. Bummer.
Edit x3; Jk, having a hearthstone in my bag “jump started” him and he seems ok now.

(Saaka) #26

Weird I never have an actual hearthstone in my bags and hearthy works for me. Also 1082 unique, dropped below world 100 now I’m sad.


1013, here. I’ve only had Hearthy for a week or so.

(Vertigineux) #28

You should be ashamed, you slacker! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah, I’d help if I thought I had anything you didn’t already have. You’ll get back up there!

(Sorelai) #29

Just crossed the 1000 pet threshold. Goal reached for now.

(Sengali) #30

1074 unique pets and counting…


1066 unique pets as of this posting =)