Battle Chickens Banned on Logs starting 15th

luckily I’ve recruited a roster filled with raiders that have brains and want to get in and out quickly with a minimum of deaths, delays, or any downtime at all

anybody who thinks a personal parse is more important than overall clear speed is a sub-90 IQ worm-addled moron

At level 60? :wink:

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Hopefully you’ve got a stopwatch handy…


He don’t got receipts for his claims, he gotta hide.


**** those people, they are part of the problem. Crying about not being able to compete when doing zero amount of the work.

Exploiting a chicken proc for a 4 minute 25% lust lol…


So you are not a teamplayer and you are an “officer” and “top dps” in your guild. So when your guild parses 50 you are parsing 60?

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That’s actually…


When warriors get to high on the dps meters us green boys got someone on payroll to handle it.


This entire debacle to me is “That time WCL took action when Classic devs didn’t have the spine to change the game for the better”


Should of been removed alot sooner.

You realize the people that want this change the most WERE those competing at the top right?

they were fine with the previous chicken finagling
but now that its back to “wait for the random proc” they want it gone because it makes logs for those classes far to random, comparing two different parses where someone could have had 0-25% haste at random

Yup, now it’s gone for good.

I mean they can still use it but let’s be honest since it invalidates the log they won’t.

It’s something that should of been fixed immediately.

You are so wrong if you think people won’t be able to beat those parses …

Do you even understand how insane the gear gets this phase?

Glaives, armor pen, insane gear. Gear significantly more powerful than chickens.

Not to mention all the parse strats that will come out over time.

What an awful take.

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How did this get 4 likes?

I read the WCL discord I haven’t seen anything about invalidating the first 2 weeks of logs.

You making this up or you have proof.

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A player with both glaives and 100% BiS might be able to beat those early 5-stack chicken parses. Reduced kill times from the entire raid being better geared is going to help. We’ll see.

But I think you underestimate how powerful 27.6% haste is. The battle chicken, when it could be reliably stacked to 5, was the most powerful item in the game by far. And it would have been the most powerful item in all of Wrath, too, had they not fixed it, because it fully scaled. It was basically a pocket full of world buffs.


4m lust is op rofl.

And everyone thought the double DMF buff ppl had beginning of naxx would be ruined the whole phase.

These parses will get crushed I wouldn’t worry

If your raid doesn’t mr pinchy your parses don’t matter anyways.