Battle Chickens Banned on Logs starting 15th

Rejoice, the chickens are dead!


I’m glad they were fixed. It needed to happen. They were embarrassingly overpowered.

But I think just making them not stack and turning the buff into haste rating would have been been a better fix. They would have remained useful, but within reason. But the way they were fixed forced Warcraft Logs to ban them, which effectively removes them from the game entirely. And I kind of feel sorry for those who recently leveled up engineering just for that.

I also see people complaining about the timing. It should have been done before Phase 3 released, not a couple of weeks afterward. Because, as I understand it, now all the top P3 parses are going to be those from the first weeks when a 5-stack of chickens was still possible, and nobody will be able to top them going forward.


You understand incorrectly; those logs are invalid.

As far as the nerf timing, it was explained in the blue post that it was the bug fix to prevent illidan from enraging early (which absolutely needed to be fixed) that “nerfed” chicken, and since the behavior was inauthentic, they just didn’t re-break chicken.

Plus, no one at blizzard should really care about parsing anyways. Balancing decisions based on parses doesn’t make sense for a classic rerelease at all.


I was told that existing logs were not going to be retroactively invalidated. But maybe that’s incorrect, I don’t know. I’m not on the WL discord.

Yeah, I think that was probably bs. The chickens have been around for 3 years, but only in the last few months was this new meta discovered and a hot topic for debate, and then coincidentally they were inadvertently fixed by a completely separate bug fix, right at the precise moment when everyone was expecting a decision/fix from Blizzard? I find that hard to buy. If true, it’s an amazing coincidence.

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Here’s the topic created by the community council about it.

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BUt mY PaRsEssssssss!!! D:

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Now it’s more fair to the people who didn’t use chickens.

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The people who wouldn’t use chickens will not parse with or without them, effort will still matter just the engineering part of the equation is gone. Thankfully WCL is covering for the devs being unable to make a competent decision on the issue for months. No more loitering for squawks and subpar players no longer have an excuse.

Really easy to parse tbh… Most of the player base is bad.

Oh so finally they wont summon an infernal infront of archimonde to stack chicken buffs. Kinda got old despite it happening for 2 ids only!

Found the guy that bought that hook, line, and sinker

The idea that removing something from Warcraft Logs removes it from the game is a hilarious representation of everything wrong with raiding culture.


no one will have their logs invalidated and every guild has at least 1 person that wants to “parse” no matter how casual

No, the chickens are live and well…and busy running warcraft logs

So far this is the single dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet this month.

Care to explain why you think such, oh brilliant one?

The chicken is still in my inventory

The chicken is still usable in encounters

WCL cannot prevent me from using the chicken

People who suggest slowing down runs and increasing clear speeds in order to inflate their personal parse are drooling pepega parsemonkeys whose IQ is so low that they aren’t even capable of understanding the only reason anybody ever cared about dps in the 1st place – before WCL got big and the concept of “parsing” took on a life of its own – is to have a faster run

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GL on that raid spot when you invalidate other’s logs


I’m my guild’s top dps, as well as an officer

GL on that raid spot to any of our raiders who are dumb enough to suggest slowing down our clear so that they can parse

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wont be an officer for long, guaranteed

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