Bans being issued for SS leavers

This will kill PvP.

Scaling penalties seems like the way to go about it, as well as nerfing leaving to the point where tactical dodges are a detriment to ones ability to climb. :dracthyr_love_animated:

Leaving if you aren’t winning at least 4 rounds just means that every lobby gets dodged.


The Social Contract states that you cannot do things which harm the game play of other players.

This doesn’t require knowing intent, only effect. If you leave often, you are causing a problem regardless of your reason.


Yeah, they’re intentionally ambiguous, and can whack people for any reason.

Again, prove it, you don’t see people catching bans from dcing or leaving m+ keys or pug raids so to say it’s happening here is a stretch.

if saul is telling the truth i am right and you are wrong about the spirit of the law

Those are premade content.


Lol okay :clown_face:

So is Shuffle.

No, shuffle is matchmade.


People already forgot the 1 month bans for afking/griefing random bgs on wrath…


Ok you win this one you little Vulpera.

I don’t see why people are against people spam leaving getting banned

There should obviously be an option to leave game mode sometimes you honestly have to go


LFG dungeon pugs? Ever heard of anyone catching a ban hammer for dropping or for someone abusing the kick button?

Because PvP is already a dead format in this game, banning people for leaving Shuffle after Blizzard didn’t address it for over a month now is on Blizzard, not the player.

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Huh? 10 char

Majority rule isn’t abuse. I could be kicked because people dislike my glasses.

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Basically no one should get banned for leaving, but in OP’s case if the dude was toxic and outted himself as the leaver he’ll get banned.

It’s not the same level of problem for M+, although again I would apply similar logic for leavers, if you leave often, regardless of why, you’re a problem.

If you have such bad internet that you DC every 2nd match, you just shouldn’t be playing that activity.

Again, intent is not required by Blizzard. This isn’t a criminal trial, and even in that case, intent isn’t necessary to show that you harmed someone physically or economically. The only time intent is important is in libel cases.

Stop watching Law & Order and thinking you can lawyer up.

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So pvp is dead because they didn’t address leavers

They are now addressing leavers but no one should be banned?