Bans being issued for SS leavers

how is it a poor example?

LeaverBuster from League is also a very complex system and it doesn’t just ban outright, it takes a lot of consecutive leaving to even get a 24h ban.

i swear dude idk how you got ur community council.


Same reason why you don’t get to decide how leavers should be handled in WoW.

like what? what are you even saying?

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Saying that your opinion has very little influence on how they handle leavers and how they handle community council applications.

you clearly have no clue of what youre saying.


The old saying, dont leave mad, just leave lol.

Exactly!!! Agreed!

“harassed” hahahaha. that word is overused. ppl are soft and weak these days. being called out on failure isnt the same thing as being harassed.

some ppl shouldnt be online, frankly.

I dont believe it. Until I see the famous streamers having a fit about being banned.

Psychology is heavily involved in game design, you know.

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you must be new here. this is totally normal for blizz to do.

they have a fix in the pipeline by adjusting rating per round, they just havnt rolled it out yet. as for banning people that exploit leaving. im 100% ok with a ban on them.

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This isn’t true. The people on their team that round can see who left.

Psychology is huge in modern gaming so yes, some of them are.

stupidest thing i’ve read in a while.

Who’s reporting this news, Fox or MSNBC?

True, depending on ones political affiliation determines if its truth or not, when the jokes on them, its a Uni Party lol

Leaver problem would be far less significant if cr/mmr changes resolved into a buffer after every round. Then if someone leaves, flag them as having 1 additional loss for the upcoming or in progress round and resolve the buffer.