Banning GDKP is an admission of incompetence

You’re comparing removal of a function of the game versus a player made system. These two things are not equitable.

Okay, take the approach Jagex had for RuneScape some 10 years ago. Players can still trade items, but trading gold is capped at the value that the game determines for the quality of the item.

So, a Staff of Jordan can only be sold for roughly around its vendor price, for example.

It massively slowed down RMT in RuneScape. It also nearly killed the game by undermining all player agency and social interactions. But it worked.

Would be tough to impose a cap on the item because people would then sell everything for the cap price until people undercut it.

I would say preventing price-gouging is part of regulating that, but we’re getting into a whole socio-economic rabbit hole I just don’t think is necessary.

RMT, excessive prices, and gold buying are 100% a player made issue. I agree that this behavior should lead to an immediate ban. I’d also wager it should carry real world legal ramifications if it is determined gold acquired is discovered to be through fraud/theft.

It think you’re missing the point. You commented earlier that “if RMT is reduced due to the ban, then it was the right move”. If Blizzard wanted to stop RMT completely, they could do it today. It would just have massive negative repercussions on the social aspect of the game. There has to be nuance.

I just feel that this whole matter has been blown entirely out of proportion. GDKP comprises such a small amount of overall participation in the game. If consenting adults choose to distribute loot in that manner, who really cares? Just don’t join them. Kaivax said - and he was right - that Blizzard shouldn’t be policing legitimate social interactions. It’s not their job. That’s bad DM’ing. And the hooting and hah-ing from players on this forum who are celebrating that consenting adults can no longer play the game in a manner that does not affect them, is childish.

If RMT is a problem, then by all means - take actions against RMT. But it’s a complicated and nuanced problem - it’s a lot easier to just cut out one of its manifestations rather than address the underlying cause. Just like mandatory minimum drug sentences sound good on paper but don’t resolve the socio-economic issues that drive people to take drugs.

Respectfully from the the company that brought you RMT D3, I don’t think they have a hill to stand on. They can go after botters and gold sellers or they can go after their own players. Guess they made their choice?

They even admit it. Socialize they way we want you to! or else get the ban hammer!