Banning GDKP is an admission of incompetence

So you see how you were ignorant on my question? Do you think removing the ability to trade will remove bots?

If that’s true, why are there so many threads against it - as you said yourself?

How does it feel to be a

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Sounds like a plan.

They’re not nuking bots. They’re nuking GDKPs. Oh you think this is about the bots??? Nahh. Was never the real problem to begin with.

No because you can still have RMT for other forms. RMT comes in different forms. Why is it you’re not able to understand prevention and reduction is the goal and total elimination is not possible. You live in a fantasy and utter words on things you simply wish to enflame and be unreasonable.

Whiny vocal minority does not equal the player base. The people who are cheating that are unable to continue to cheat are obviously going to throw tantrums as much as possible. Heck, there’s 5 threads made right now by the EXACT SAME GUY on different characters with the EXACT SAME NAMES.

Not a particularly difficult correlation to make. People that cheat are angry they can’t cheat. The people who don’t cheat are loving the future available to them.

You should consider going away. Everything you post is either self-destroying short sighted goofball takes, or just blatantly wrong.

I didn’t cherry pick. I stated that “RMT is not the primary reason why they have chosen to ban GDKPS”, which is entirely true.

Kaivax’s post suggests they would have banned GKDPs irrespective of its impact on RMT, because their primary concern is that it “erodes traditional guild and social structures”.

Nope. It is the right move.

So why are removing GDKPs?

Yes, I know you don’t equal the player base.

It is literally due to player feedback on this topic. And the player feedback has been 100% against the issue of GDKP allowing an avenue for RMT.

Do you think Blizzard never gets anything wrong?

My point is even without trading, RMT and bots still exist. So lets continue to fight those and not the aspects of the game.

Their statement is dumb. Progression creates an arms race. PvP creates an arms race. Playing the game before the next patch is an arms race. It’s a dumb take.

So Blizzard are baning another social activity in the game ,

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I would say that people are more biased toward certain positions. Clearly those who do GDKP for WHATEVER reason are upset about this. And people who don’t have their issues in regards to it.

We won’t know if they got it right or got it wrong until later. Both are data worth acquiring. You can deal with it until then. If it was the right move, then you and others like you cannot refute the results. But if it was the wrong move, then the impact on RMT was non-existent and you were right.

The problem here isn’t the banning itself. It’s the petulant need for people to be right.

This 100% but their justifications for removing it are weak and inconsistent.

It leaves me doubtful in whatever goal its trying to achieve.

Correct. Player feedback is also why Blizzard implemented measures to prevent higher-level characters from solo’ing low level dungeons, despite the numerous negative consequences it had on legitimate players and the negligible impact it had on botters and gold-sellers.

They’re knee-jerk band-aids to appease squeaky wheels. Not substantive policy reforms.

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We won’t know that til we get through the phase.

Whether if it addresses it or it doesn’t it still provides a resolution one way or the other. Yes, it’ll upset GDKPers for a time. But, again, if RMT is reduced due to the ban, then it was the right move. It it isn’t, then it was the wrong move.

That’s what the point of it is. And it’s a wait and see approach now.

I can read their quotes on why they’re removing it right now. They’re weak and inconsistent.

I read them too. I don’t care. The primary reason for it is due to player feedback. Players oppose it. So they are banning it to see how it goes. That’s all there is to it.

That’s a very un-nuanced perspective. Blizzard could prevent all RMT today by just stopping all player-trading - would that be the right move?

Anyway, I genuinely doubt it will do anything substantive to stop RMT. There are still myriad outlets for people to buy in-game services for real-world cash (mounts, consumables, abilities, dungeon boosts, carry runs, etc.)

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