Banned multiboxing

I was banned without email warning account suspention just straigth to a ban. I suffer from sever arthitis and use an addon to help me move toons to farm mounts

  1. never farmed gold
  2. never farmed materias
    3 never did pvp all toons are warmode off

I purchase 6 months subscriptions, wow tokens and now no gm is giving further details about my case, i added disability ids and proof. I just need some detials i am been just told no further reviews will be done. I am 42 year old player not a hacker or a bot . Need more details about why not even getting an email of warning.

You need to submit a ticket to appeal, nothing can be done about it here.


You can submit an appeal and wait 3 days for them to process your case. Good luck. TBC will be out Tuesday so you should have plenty of time for it to get resolved.

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It sounds like, and I apologize if I am incorrect, your addon may be streamlining the Multibox process.

There was a recent change to the policy where no hardware or software was allowable to help facilitate or streamline Multibox

Sadly, all you can do is submit an appeal. I say sadly because it sounds to me it is a legit sanction. I hope your appeal is successful and incorrect


Yes this is my case, my ticket was answered in the most generic way, I don’t feel the gm saw my explanation or dint understood me.

I feel like a criminal given the wrong sentance. I thougth this program was used for years and i never got a warning or emaiñ. Just a banned
2 dsys before the ban I purchased wow tokens and games supscriptions.

Can i have some actually look at my explanation and hopefully reduce my sentance.

That’s done through the appeals process. The team that handles the appeal isn’t going to look at your explanation though. That’s not what the appeal is for. It’s solely for them to look at their logs and the recorded data again and decide if the action was correct or not.

You’re welcome to appeal until such time that they state that the matter is closed or that no further appeals will be viewed.


No, I’m sorry. This is not something we’ll be able to do for you over the forums. Ticket appeals are to have a Game Master review the information that led to the account penalty to ensure accuracy.

If the information is found to be accurate, the penalty is upheld.