Banned for no reason like many here

Just got a message saying my account was suspended for 6 months. Like other topics saw some people saying it was because the addon consoleport and I also use consoleport because I have a wrist condition and World of Warcraft was one of the games I could play with a gamepad and thanks to this addon and that´s why I didn´t invest MONTHS of my life in other MMO. I tried to fill a ticket but it keeps saying I don´t have active tickets in my account page. So I will just say this, please Blizzard RESPECT your customers, we are human beings and WE like your product . We are not just numbers okay ? So please solve the problem and unban people who do not deserve this. For other people reading if Blizzard don´t solve it for you. Just go to court if you want to go that far to be unbanned and you probably will got unbanned.


Try a different browser try clearing ur cache and try again your accounts not gona be unbanned by posting here.

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They might be. It´s not only me. Just see all the topics. They clearly messed up.

The console port is purely speculation nothing been confirmed 100% its all player speculation.

It’s more than speculation. It’s more of a very good data based hypothesis at this point.

Of course you are, Royalprince, and in no way do we think otherwise. Please understand that the integrity of the game and player experience is extremely important to us and because of that we have teams dedicated to rooting out cheats, bots and other exploitation as best as we can. Most of the time the evidence we find and the action we take is 100% accurate. Now and again, there are mistakes, there are false positives that may look like something else.

Those are identified as quickly as possible, generally from the appeals that the players that may have been hit with one submit. The only way to avoid such mistakes would be to do nothing though, and that really isn’t an option.

I’m sorry if you were hit by mistake, the matter is being looked into, as evidenced by the responses in several other threads.

I’d agree with Darthwraith, try clearing your cookies/cache and see if that allows you to submit an appeal.


Well it worked. Just got unbanned. Thanks a lot for the fast solution. They sent me a email saying that they revized the data and decided it was a mistake.


I am glad that you received an actual response. I am currently my second attempt at appealing.

"I see that you’re having an issue with this penalization on your account. We have indeed reviewed this and it seems this action has been taken in accordance with our Terms of Use and our In-game Policies which all players acknowledge and agree to prior to playing our games. These policies and conditions allow us to maintain a fun and safe game environment for all of our players.

Our Terms of Use can be found at

Please check your email Inbox as usually our security team sends more information about these actions via that channel."

Mind you, I have still have not received my email detailing as to why I was banned in the first place.

@Vrakthris I know you’re doing your job and I commend you on your patience. I am just highly frustrated today opposed to yesterday. I wanna put my experience down to pen/paper via the forums and not in my diary.


The best I can tell you, Vatix, is that your appeal was escalated for further review. You likely won’t hear anything until that has been completed, which could take a day or two.


Very bad advice. Blizzard owns your account. It is their property and they could close it because your name is Ted if they so choose.

I am using a silly stupid reason to make a point. The silly stupid reason, however, is still technically possible. So no, goi g to court will only incur you legal fees, possibly for a blizzards lawyers as well. Nothing more.


Well, that and the EULA that we all agree to abide by specifically limits dispute resolution to third-party arbitration.


Yeah there is that as well. Thanks Teuf

THIS exact thing happened to me a month ago. I was banned for 18 months and never received an email with the details. And every single appeal they just dismissed me more and more. Very upset with CS

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It’s just a waiting game I’m assuming. Hopefully the escalation of the email issue at least gets resolved. I would like to know why I was banned in the first place instead of finding out when I attempted to resub/log in.

Edit: especially when the email that I did receive when I got my ban was “Return to Azeroth at any time by renewing your subscription!”

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On a side note, I am unaware of the severity of the sanctions placed on my account. I haven’t been told if I am banned for 3 days, 9 days, 8 months, 18 months, permanently, etc.


Does your account say it’s locked or or does it say it’s suspended?

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My account says Banned on the website and application. I get the “your account has been banned” prompt when I attempt to log in.

it should tell you how long the suspension is.

If there is no timer on it, that usually indicates a Permanent Ban. You need to wait for your ticket for clarification.

It’s a good chance the reason why it’s taking so long for you to get a response, they are probably going through the logs bit by bit with a fine toothed comb to make sure there was no errors. Perma-Bans are quite serious.


Wouldn’t it then say “This account has been closed and is no longer available for use. See for more information.” instead?