Banned for hacking when I've never hacked

The world doesn’t revolve around your experiences. You are not the example for all things that happen in WoW. And you’ve seen people, streamers and non-streamers, who have clearly been wrongfully banned.

Don’t act willfully ignorant.

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You must of done SOMETHING.

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so im a huge booster and i boost 12-14 hours some days. 2 accounts that i tab between. im not at all scared of any kind of ban. im not sure what you guys are doing to trigger the bans.

When people say “for no reason” on the forums it’s almost always BS.

Throughout the history of WoW people have always tried claiming “for no reason” on the forums only to be completely exposed and put on blast by some blue post so excuse me for being skeptical.


Watch this by your self

this guys is a streamer. he gets unbanned, BECAUSE he’s a streamer!

how about us?

multiple core members in my guild got banned, including our loot master and our main tank.

do u really think a main tank, 8/8 t2 warrior, in a 100+ people guild will do these things and put 100+ people in risk?

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Wait you mean like how the exploiting mage boosters on every server thrive off the misery of other players by increasing botting, RMT, manipulation of the economy, and completely destroying the leveling experience and anything authentic about this game?

Yeah I don’t care about booster’s so called “misery” so they can keep crying those crocodile tears.


I’m always amazed, and somewhat suspect, about all of the “innocent” people that get banned. I’ve been playing for 15 years and have never known anyone that was banned.


type /who strat and see for yourself.
any experienced eye can tell who’s a bot and who’s not.
see how many bots are out there after these bans.
botters can recover real fast, 8/8 t2 warriors takes months of a whole guild’s efforts to gear up.

blz is clearly banning people wrongly.
this does nothing to the botters, only hurting legit players.

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I think its safe to say bliz not liking zg or mara boosts. If you exploit any part of it your banned. Probably shouldnt sell them anymore. If you get close to lockout your getting on a list and any exploit seems to be banned.

It’s not just instance farmers or boosters. It’s also pvpers, low level people that just started playing the game, multiboxers and a few other completely random cases even I can’t understand. A simple search on the reddit would show that but many of you are just here to troll and not interested in any real discourse.

I am thinking they exploited and claiming innocence. It happen in vanilla alot. I dont feel bad for people using exploits and getting banned. To bad bliz waited so long to exploit ban so it seem it was ok.


Or there are just a lot of cheaters in your guild ?
It’s well known, a cheater will rarely admit cheating, and NEVER where he has some “social” status like his guild.


Why troll? No one here knows why any individual or group was banned and Blizzard doesn’t publicize the reasons for individual bans. Posting to vent is fine, but what discourse would we have other than mabye some sympathy, or not. Why should anyone here believe someone claiming innocence and why would we care?

Only Blizzard knows why someone was banned and only Blizzard can investigate and overturn a ban. Personally I don’t believe they are handing out mass bans for fun and without a good reason.


Nice cognitive dissonance. I remember why I stopped coming to these forums now. Thanks for reminding me.

100% guarantee you were given a well deserved banned for hacking/botting per your post. Stroll on over to the Customer Service forums and post your very same thread over there. Blizzard will inform you otherwise and you will look like a clown.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.



Well if you did get banned for only selling boosting and did have legitimately game play etc…

Hope your ticket is resolved, the new algorithm checks for persistent repetitive actions. If you were boosting 90% over 3 days and nothing else this probably triggered their botting algorithm

Does your server have a discord for boosting? Have you checked to see the party members you were boosting also got banned?

Ever since the new system came out I’ve been reluctant to do boosting / carries. Seen alot of ppl get flagged by the new system.

Also how was the chat like? Were you quiet? Did you talk much in party? Inactive chat might also flag the system I think as well

Odd, banned main tank? What did he do? Did he pay for boosting or have a mage booster alt? Can you give us more demographics on this.

What was the reason for the loot master?

Please post this in the CSR forum so we can get a good chuckle when the blues respond.

There is too much pushing of the boundaries of reasonable game play in classic. A hell of a lot of it used as a cottage industry to move massive amounts of gold. A lot of childish “I’M NOT TOUCHING YOU!” when their hands get slapped.

A few of us that just want to play the MMO as intended have no sympathy when the hand slaps stop and the boot gets used on those who just want to abuse everything and anything they can.

A lot of broken english, multi accounters and rabid boosters getting hands slapped, and I cannot say I am sorry to see it.


I’m starting to think the only way to prove your not a bot with the new algorithm is to start streaming your sessions. Video proof is the only way I think