Banned for hacking when I've never hacked

Mid Mara run I was banned for hacking/botting, activities that I have never done, and looking at my guild discord and a few reddit posts it seems I’m not the only one. It appears that Blizzard are handing out automated bans to boosters and people buying boosts based on other people’s accounts. This isn’t an appeal as i’ve already submitted one but It’d be nice to see other people’s experience with this recent occurrence and potentially some swift action from Blizzard.

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Can you give us more details…

We’re you solo aoe farming?
Were you getting boosted?
How many instance lockout did you go through?
How many hours or days did you do boosting in Mara?
Did you mix it up between boosting and questing?


You’re right I probably should have included that, but I was exp boosting so typically 5 people including me in the group (I was the booster). Hard to say how many lockouts I went through but over the last 3 days it could have been as much as 50 - perhaps more, boosting for up to 5 hours per day. And no, I didn’t mix it up and my gametime was at least 90% boosting over this 3 day period. I’d also say that since last weekend 70+% of my time on that account was selling maraudon boosts. I’m aware of the 5lockouts per hour/30 per day but was unaware that nearing this number consistently would get me banned.
This is OP but now since my account has been deactivated It’ll only let me post as this.

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u are not the only one.
1 month earlier, blz banned my guild’s loot master.
today, blz banned my guild’s main tank.

now my entire guild is totally screwed.
blz, how about u just ban my whole guild???
or, how about u just ban my entire server???

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Just curious but do you flood public channels with your boosting service ads? There was a guy on my server posting one every 2-3 minutes for about a week before he suddenly went quiet. Not sure if he just stopped, got muted, or was possibly banned for chat spam.


I try to avoid spamming, usually sticking to General chat and avoiding LookingForGroup/World chat channels, however I’d assume the email would have mentioned spam as a cause of my ban and not just state it was hacking/botting.

Not running any 3rd party software? Not that it should matter, but I’m paranoid about having AutoKey open when i’m playing.

Happens alot. Lost one of my accounts and had to start over. Seems to be about 50/50 if appeals will actually work or you’ll just get copy/paste responses.

I really hope the people that called for bans are happy. They got them. The bots are still there but plenty of innocent people got banned/suspended.

aq is comming, people are gonna farm stuff.
blz, if u just randomly ban people, how are we gonna open the freaking aq gate???

our main tank farmed 10k gold for a month, and multiple guild members have loaned him materials and gold. the whole guild have been operated for months to support him to do the opening quest, not he just got randomly banned!

how about u just tell more than 100 people in our guild to just quit the game, blz?

I don’t keep any suspect 3rd party software such as AHK running no.

how was the appeal process for your loot master or are they still banned?

I received the following message via email tonight, just a few hours ago.
Account Action: Account Closure
Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)

I did not use any hacks, no scrips, no 3rd party macros, nothing! I didn’t do anything wrong at all. I did not do any real money transactions or anything to the sort.

I was selling zg boosts for 12g each run with loot reserved. I would also sell stockades for 2.5g per and FFA loot. I was active in auction house and use TSM to post items quickly and the tsm sniper. I have 2 accounts and 4 monitors with my computer setup.

still banned.
it was permanent banned. after appeal, it changed to 6 months.

all replies are auto reply.
appeal: what did i do that was against tos?
answer: ur behavior was against tos.
appeal: can u tell me what i did wrong?
answer: ur behavior was against tos.

well it’s basically the same thing.
6 month, if blz keep doing this, how many people will still be able to play after 6 month lol

I think 6 months is needlessly excessive given the lifetime of classic.

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I played over 15 years and never got banned. Hmmmm

My friends never got banned. So, I lean towards you did something and u r playing the victim card.

Ask yourself
Did you buy gold?
Let anyone play your account?
Any kind of exploit?
Cross faction communication which caused griefing to your faction? I think this one a suspension for a few days.
Have you enter into an agreement and then ninja something? Think this one a suspension.

Then of course the obvious bot, hack, or sell gold?


Where’s the bluepost to dunk on these dorks?


one of my friends got banned as well for using cheats or hacks program even without using any programs. they reduce the ban to 6 months suspended and they told him they give him 2nd chance. LOL!
2nd chance for what? so he got 6 months suspended for doing nothing. LEL.
if you booster or got boosting you are on high chance to get perma ban or 6 months suspended.

A lot of people that sell Mara boosts and ZG boosts are exploiting pathing or blind spots in an unintended way to do 1 pulls that aren’t possible otherwise. It’s clearly exploiting to gain massive advantages over other players in a way that was never designed or intended to be part of the game.

it doesn’t matter whether you think it fits the definition of “hacking” or not and just because Blizzard let this kind of stuff go recently doesn’t mean they were gonna let it continue indefinitely. I have no sympathy for boosters getting banned for it or the people buying boosts from said people.

Boosters should also realize that a lot of bot money and a lot of RMT gold will always be used to pay for boosts and their transactions and account will always raise suspicion.


I’m not a fan of boosers either, but

You’re okay with a service provider taking a customer’s money then denying service without clear reason?

If people don’t bother reading terms before they agree to them then yes. Blizzard has the right to revoke player access at any time if they violate the clear agreement they made to not exploit this game for unintended advantages.

The idea of “exploitation” can seem broad to some people so obviously there will be at least some ambiguity and disagreement.