Ban refreshed? What is going on?

I was banned because of my characters name a couple days ago. The ban was set to expire today at 12:39PM EST. I go to get on and it says I’m banned for 2 more days! No email about being rebanned and my account status says active. What is going on???

You’ll need to submit a ticket, but if it was a different name than the one you are posting under, I’d strongly recommend you report this one - yourself.


No, this was the name/character that got me suspended. I’m very confused at why I’m re-suspended for no reason and with no explanation. I wasn’t even able to log on and change my name. Just a refresh of the ban at the login screen

I’m not seeing any penalties currently active on the account. Have you tried logging out and back into the client?


I logged out and back in and I was able to get in. Thanks!