Balance of power quest and how to?

So i lvld my druid this xpac not in legion and i really want to unlock more catform skins however with that said i watched a video on the balance of power quest line. In the youtube video he says you have to have put 5000 artifact power into your artifact weapon for the quest essence of power to pop up. How do you put 5000 artifact power into the legion artifact weapon when they have removed legion artifact power tokens?

I think that’s maybe an outdated video. I don’t remember there being such a requirement when the content was current, but if there was it’s gone now.

I found a description of the entire quest chain by using Google btw. Led me right to WH.

Yeah those Legion-era requirements are significantly outdated. I just wrapped up Balance of Power last week and it was pretty straightforward.

For me, being 110+, Kalec had a quest in Dalaran to start the chain. I’m not sure if this is a requirement, but I had previously completed the Azure Dragonflight questline in Azsuna.

I found all the steps to be easily soloable, except when running Mythic Nighthold, which seems to drop more Nightshards. I needed two weeks to get all my Nightshards; I got 13 and 7 respectively.

i did all the stuff in azuna the whole quest line at azure wing repose and Kalec in Dalaran has nothing for me so im stumped still…

I found an older post in the forums that gives some good suggestions on what might be missing from your character to start Balance of Power.

Having scanned the posts, I’d check to make sure you’ve completed your Order Hall campaign (to the point where you get your title and you’ve completed the quest A Hero’s Weapon).

Looks like helping Senecgos in Azsuna was a legit prerequisite; that’s good to know.

Once you’ve done all those prerequisites, Kalec will have your Balance of Power starter quest the following day from completing A Hero’s Weapon. There’s still a time-delay for the breadcrumb to appear.

Wowhead has a guide for this. Type “balance of power questline wowhead” into any decent srarch engine.

you have to finish your legion order hall campaign first then kalec will be somewhere in it

I’m pretty sure there is still a 24 hour timer from when you complete the pre-req too.
Just wrapped mine up a few weeks ago.

The time gated raid drops killed it for me during legion.

Funnily enough, I just started this on my Druid yesterday. I was already 4/5 chapters into Azsuna quest chain and still had to kill the final boss of the Emerald Nightmare for my Order Hall campaign quest but image of Kalec was there in the Order Hall near the pond around where you can swap artifact skins. I would recommend turning your trivial quest tracker on (via the magnifying glass in the minimap) to help. Good luck!

Think ima start mine tomorrow!

Kalec will follow you with his head in a bubble when you have completed the prerequisites. I have many druids, and no I’m not going to do balance of power again. He even follows me around Light’s Hope Chapel because he comes up from the pally class hall just to visit me.

If you want to unlock all 4 colors, you have to do…

Unleashed Monstrosities on that character
Glory of the Legion Hero
Mythic+15 on that character

I have it down to 2 dungeon achievements, one of which is time-gated by random boss, and the other one, I don’t know. My tank with an ilvl of 440 took 10 minutes to kill Cordana, who cycled through her phases many times after getting her down to 3% hp. My 460 had no trouble, but the mechanics are finicky. At this point it will probably be harder to get people who know the mechanics to help.

But it shouldn’t take an ilvl of 460 to do Legion mythic dungeon achievements successfully.