Balance getting a lot of changes in 10.1

  • Shooting Stars can no longer be triggered by Stellar Flare.
  • New Talent: Wild Surges. Your chance to critically strike with Wrath and Starfire is increased by 15% and they generate 2 additional Astral Power. This is a choice node with Stellar Flare.
  • Wrath and Starfire generate 10 Astral Power (up from 8)
  • Moonfire and Sunfire generate 6 Astral Power (up from 2)
  • Stellar Flare generates 10 Astral Power (up from 8)
  • Nature’s Balance generates 2 Astral Power every 3 seconds (up from 1 every 2)
  • Starsurge and Starfall damage increased by 20%.
  • Astral Smolder deals damage over 8 seconds (up from 4) and its damage is increased to 40/80% of spell damage done (up from 20/40%).
  • Cosmic Rapidity increases the rate at which Moonfire, Sunfire, and Stellar Flare deal damage by 20% (down from 25%).
  • Touch the Cosmos, the 10.0 (4) Set Armor bonus, now reduces the Astral Power cost of your first Starsurge or Starfall after entering Eclipse by 5 and increases its damage by 20% (was free and 35% increased damage).
  • Soul of the Forest now increases Starfire’s damage and AP generation during Eclipse by 30% for each target hit beyond the first, up to 90%. (Was 150% bonus to Starfire’s AOE damage)
  • Power of Goldrinn damage increased by 75%.
  • Denizen of the Dream: Faerie Dragon damage increased by 20%.
  • Friend of the Fae now increases Arcane and Nature damage by 8% for 20 seconds (was 4% for 30 seconds).
  • Elune’s Guidance now reduces the cost of Starsurge by 8 and Starfall by 10 during Incarnation: Chosen of Elune (was reduces the cost of Starsurge by 5 and Starfall by 8).
  • Radiant Moonlight also increases Fury of Elune’s damage by 50% and now reduces its cooldown by 20 seconds (was 15 seconds).
  • Radiant Moonlight increases the damage dealt by New Moon, Half Moon, and Full Moon by 25%.
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In pvp with dispel protection plus essentially baseline precog, stellar flare will still be used but I’m okay with that. I’ve actually gotten good at using it effectively.

The rest of these look insane though. Massive AP gen bonuses. Like… big boy bonuses lol. I also foresee dropping my build of 2 pt in BoAT and switching to dragons. Now with 20% more direct damage and a total of 16% astral bonus they’ll provide, it’ll be worth more than boat with its 25% nerf to crit damage. I’m totally okay with this too.

Looks good to me :+1:t3:

Plus that goldrinn buff :face_exhaling::drooling_face:

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Yet the bad mastery is still there…

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i can forsee alot of damage ramp up being absolutely insane which solves one of the issues boomy has, i do hope the 10.0.7 POTP makes regrowth heal for something cuz my boomy feels very squish, barkskin/frienzied regen aint quite cuttin in anymore lol

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i actually just realized how good this is lmfao, i think this is the most astral power they have ever gave boomy, this with stellar invocation will give u 12 ap a cast

What is this?

Initial thoughts…

For PVP we’re essentially getting a cyclone duration buff with the trinket bonus gone, right? in the ball park of 1 extra second for initial clone?

I’m going to miss the feel of that free starsurge in lieu of a discounted one after entering eclipse.

Seems like overall astral power generation buffs despite Cosmic Rapidity nerfed? I’ll take it!

Starsurge increase by 20%? Absofreakinglutely. I love big surges, although with crit damage being reduced in PVP it’s basically net neutral for chunky crits. But non-crits will feel a bit more impactful again.

Goldrinn gets more power, we like that!

Radiant Moonlight is really pulling me toward pulling off some big full moons, and with kick lockout duration in PVP getting nerfed could it maybe be a viable choice in PVP??? Time will tell!


just tested the 10.1 changes heres my thoughts

starsurge feels better, with RTS its around 35k a hit

gives alot more astral power per cast, starfire scaling makes more sense, although wrath is still a little lackluster in damage but makes it up in astral power generation up to 18 with talents

astral power generation is alot faster

astral smolder/ wild surges- good synergy although wrath just wont crit sometimes.

faerie dragons, i still cant really notice the actual damage, but the damage increase u get from it helps a bit. idk still not a fan of the dragons

radiant moonlight, this feels alot better especially since FOE has 2 interactions in the tree.

power of goldrinn hits hard now.

stellar flare, the dispell protections feels okay, just wish it was a little less boring

there are still cons tho
our casted self healz (regrowth/ swiftmend/rejuv/wildgrowth) still really bad
My thoughts are to buff regrowth, swiftmend and rejuv, remove wild growth and put either cenarion ward or yseras gift in its spot.

convoke still feels clunky- to be honest this wont be fixed unless it buffed and moved to the class tree instead of spec tree

wild mushroom should be a 1 point with the same effects

the actual druid tree is still holding the spec back still btw. but overall better boomy for 10.1


? What’s this, sorry I’m reading at work.

Remind me which interactions it has?

I have a question about this. How hard does it hit? My concern is that it basically makes the dispeller get hit by a starburst yeah? But if that’s the case it’s astral and thus needs both dots on the target to do meaningful damage in my mind. Dot uptime on healers isn’t always prioritized so I’m just curious.

Rattle the Stars I think? Radiant Moonlight would add value to the proc from Sundered Firmament as well as reduce the CD

I think the dispel protection is vastly overrated tbh. Atleast in its current form. Might be a bit diff in 10.1 but in this current iteration you don’t nearly get enough stellar flares out for it to be too good. WTB moonfire 2.0 from it.

Otherwise ALL these buffs are cracked. Full moon might be playable.

Ah right, right. And yeah I forgot about sundered because it’s so terrible lol. The fact that it provides such reduced AP is the main issue.

Valid concern but to be honest I’ve gotten really solid at having very good stellar flare uptime. The build I use cuts down on globals and leaves room for it. That and precog make it fairly easy. Of course I’d MUCH rather have it on moonfire but I’m still going to do my best to make it worthwhile.

Also wondering if the dispel protection grants us AP.

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It does grant AP. 20 iirc.

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Sweet :+1:t3:. I’ll take it.

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Moonfire and Sunfire generating 6 ap up from 2 is quite interesting. I’m sure it will get tuned, but you can potentially generate 24 ap off of a single Moonfire cast with Stellar Innervation + Twin Moons :rofl:

Is that per tick? Or upon cast?

Because i’m not sure if it’ll count every application of Moonfire for generating AP upon a single click.

On cast. Just tested it on live, Lunar Eclipse, Twin Moons + Stellar Innervation on 2 targets = 8 AP.

I’m like 90% positive they’ll lower the base AP generation of the dots to 3 or 4 before the patch goes live.

Yeah that’ll be insane, especially with how much multidotting has to go on. No way 6 per cast per target is going live lol

2 Moonfires + Sunfire and you’re good to Starfall outta the gate.

so the surge buff with Rattle The Stars makes starsurge do acceptable single target burst again.

FOE has another talent with sundured filament, although the 25% damage buff is a decent buff to this with radiant moonlight, i think its more about sundured filament stacking with the buffed natures balance, that gives it good AP passive generation

the starburst from stellar flare is odd i have to test it again, but on the tooltip it says the knock up does X damage, it doesnt have a damage type next to it, but im assuming its astral becuz its tied to stellar flare

yeah the 25% buff to it mixed with the starsurge/starfall buff will make a nasty burst combo