Balance Druid & Healer Looking for Guild

Hello, my friend and I have just come back from an extended break where we stopped raiding mid Mythic Uldir, our old guild died out due to the recruitment beast and we are looking for a long term fit. That has led me here to find a place to raid hopefully for the foreseeable future. What we are looking for in a guild is one that raids preferably 2 days a week where the goal is to clear all mythic content while it is still relevant in a timely manner. We are hopeful that we can find a place to raid throughout Nyth & Shadowlands.

We are available to raid between 6:30pm-1:00am EST.

Below you can find our character names so that you can delve into our logs to see the types of players that we are.

Caulklover - Stormrage (Wod-Legion Name Missfajit - Stormrage)

BFA Logs:
warcraftlogs . com/character/id/35837537?zone=19&mode=detailed

Legion / Wod Logs:
warcraftlogs . com/character/id/8043697?zone=10&mode=detailed

Comeface - raided as mistweaver in Uldir
Logs: warcraftlogs . com/character/us/stormrage/comeface#zone=19&spec=Mistweaver&partition=2

WoD-Legion Name( Radioradio - Stormrage) Logs: warcraftlogs . com/character/id/4210732?zone=10&mode=detailed

We pride ourselves in providing high dps/hps whilst still doing mechanics.

I have been a raid leader / GM so I understand the importance of sitting out during progression, using suboptimal talents to achieve a kill and sacrificing DPS / HPS to kill finally kill a boss that we have been struggling on.

We are open to Alliance or Horde, but it would be my preference to do a trial on my current realm if you are Alliance to make sure that we are a good fit!

Feel free to add my one of us on real id at Colinhutt#1611, Spooky#1823, post here, and or send me an in game mail or whisper.

Spooky is willing to play Resto Sham, Mistweaver Monk, Resto Druid and or Warlock.

We are looking for raid team we can stay with for several expansions if at all possible.

Thank you for reading this wall of text and please reach out if you think we’d be a good fit!

Guild: Dominion
Area 52 – Horde
8/8H 5/8M EP

We are a progression focused guild that realizes real life happens. We are not seeking server firsts; however, we do want to clear the top tier content. We were founded in Vanilla on Alter of Storms were we consistently made server second kills. However, the population on AoS was dwindling so we transferred to Stormrage in 2012 where we remained in the top 10-20th guild. With the Alliance raiding population dwindling we transferred to our new home, Area-52 in 2019 with the expectation of continuing our long-standing success.

In short, if you are looking for a consistent guild that makes progression targets, without the demands of those in the World First Race, Dominion may be the place for you.

We are recruiting all Exceptional DPS and healers.

Guild Progress
h ttps://
h ttps://

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11PM EST
Optional Heroic Saturday 8-11PM EST

How to Apply
Please fill out an application at h ttps://
Visit our Discord for more information at h ttps://
Feel free to contact any officer in game with questions; árch (Arch#11328), Sarisia (Solarshadow#1696), Aureliee (Aurelie#11489), or Kobrakaix(Kobrakai#1378)

Hey Caulklover, I’d love to talk to you and Spooky about 8.3 and beyond!

<Exodus> is a 5/8 Mythic raiding guild on Burning Legion - US. We strive to complete every boss of the current Mythic level content before the start of the next raid tier, on a two night, six hour a week, raid schedule. We welcome healthy competition in our roster, and our goal is to promote a balance between progression and fun, while maintaining momentum throughout the current tier.

Raid Times:
We operate on a two day raiding schedule.

Monday: 7PM to 10PM CST (8PM to 11PM EST)
Wednesday: 7PM to 10PM CST (8PM to 11PM EST)


  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • Holy or Disc Priest
  • Affliction, Destruction, or Demonology Warlock
  • Fury or Arms Warrior

Unlisted classes/specs are welcome to apply as well!

What we expect from you:
– Positive Attitude
– Flexibility between Specs, when needed.
– Good attendance, and communication if you’ll be missing.
– Ability to maintain your character’s progression throughout the tier.

What to expect from us:
– Mythic Progression that maintains momentum throughout the tier.
– Experienced and competitive leadership.
– Consumables and Repairs
– Assistance to improve your character inside and outside of raid.
– Active Mythic+ and PvP groups.
– A raid team focused on completing raids, and having fun.

Additional questions can be directed to Bergeist (MPC3RD#1400) or Pocket (Pocket#1920) on Battlenet or MPC3RD#2433 on Discord.

Hey Caulklover,

Parable, US Whisperwind, is recruiting players for our Mythic team. We are looking for people with a team mentality that can both play the game well, but also fit in socially. We have needs at dps and heal right now, so I’d be very interested in speaking with you. We are turning the corner from a Heroic focused guild to a Mythic focus, so if you were to join, you’d be integral to that transition. I’ve added both of you on BNET. Here’s some additional guild info. Hope to hear from you soon!

If interested contact on Battlenet:
Iliuvatar#1905 - GM
Crusadan#1192 - Officer
Apollymi#1215 - Officer
Dupe#11171 - Officer
Or PM me on Discord (Iliuvatar#8663)

Website -
You can also apply here:

Who We Are
Parable is shifting focus from Heroic to Mythic raiding. We have had success in Mythic this expansion and are looking to add the final pieces to the puzzle. Our immediate goal is to have a team of 25 players who can play at a high level on a limited schedule. Most of us have played for years, but have full time jobs, families, or other commitments. We therefore look to do the most with our time. If you are looking for a fun group and a raid team that is extremely reliable, we are the guild for you. Prefer players 21+.


Team Mentality
We are a team first guild. We value team progression over individual accomplishments. We are in it together. Therefore trades are abundant, most players donate to the bank, we help each other to improve and we create an environment that allows players to grow and improve. We don’t have time for elitist mentalities.

We expect players to know their class. This means best in slot items, best azerite traits, ideal talents, etc. Players should know how to sim their toons/gear. Players should remain competitive with their HoA level and we encourage guildies to complete a +10 key each week. Players should make all raid nights barring emergencies, research all boss fights in advance, and show up gemmed, enchanted and in discord.

Mythic raiding is a commitment and it requires a strong group with good chemistry. It is important that our raiders can make at least 90% of the raids. We are hoping to build a strong bench to fill in in the case of absences. We will always understand if a change in work schedule or an emergency occurs. Outside of that, consistency is extremely important.

Players should perform at a competitive level. They should have the hang of raid fights within a few pulls and be able to adjust on the fly. Players should be aware of their utility and be able to utilize it. We generally hope players can pull a minimum of 80% of their sim. We do our best to help struggling players should they need it.

Other Perks
We have a very active Mythic plus crowd, with many running M10-15 each week.
We have a donation incentive system called Parable+
We have a website and a facebook page
We provide feasts, flasks and potions for our raiders
Our discord is active
We get to know our raiders and build a tight-knit community.


I’ll spam you the guild recruitment deal below. We may not be what you’re after if you’re looking for cutting edge every tier- we always plan to clear heroic, then work on mythic but we don’t push for cutting edge deliberately. Feel free to message me if you have more questions. We’d be happy to have you come along for either our open raid heroic run, or our Tuesday heroic run if you want to get a feel for us.

Guild: Valor
Server: Earthen Ring
Raid Progress as of posting: 4/8 Mythic
Main Progression Raid times: Tues/Wed 7:00 - 10:00 Eastern
Alt/Open Raid Time: Thurs 7:30-10:30 Eastern
About us and what we offer: Earthen Ring is a quiet RP server that has essentially no RP to speak of, so it’s really a regular PvE server now. We have a core group of players that stick with us or always return after a break, so we’re always able to do Heroic and M+. As a result, we have a consistent setup for getting content done no matter what your aim is provided you don’t want to go hardcore and get Cutting Edge. We have two raids, one for skilled people that want to push the content in a much more relaxed environment that doesn’t require you to grind relentlessly, or an open raid, where all you have to do to get in is meet an ilvl requirement that is usually equivalent to current LFR, and have gems and enchants taken care of. The small server experience is unique for many reasons; one of the main draws is that there’s less competition. Our guildies enjoy that we are the top Alliance guild on the server while only raiding for three hours twice a week. I completely understand that this slower pace is not for everyone, and by all means, feel free to keep looking if you want to find a Cutting Edge guild. In Valor, however, we don’t care if we get Cutting Edge or not. We get AotC every tier, and if we have enough people, we will push into Mythic with no extra requirements tacked on. We get where we get. Mythic is difficult. It requires a lot of wiping over and over, which is not something all of us are happy to do anymore. We’ve now got families, careers, other games, things that are more appealing to us than putting more than a set amount of time into raiding per week. This does not mean we accept just anyone, however. We do require people that want to get into the main raid prove their abilities. WoW is not our bread and butter like it may have once been. If this sounds appealing to you, then give me a shout.

Contact: Btag Elay#1208
Discord: Renala#0010

Storm 6/8M is recruiting ranged dps for Azshara’s Eternal Palace!

Storm is an alliance mythic raiding guild located on Sargeras US. Originally formed in late 2004 on Gilneas, the guild was later transferred to Sargeras for recruitment purposes.

We consider ourselves semi-hardcore while clearing content at a pace acceptable to the guild leadership. We are an adult guild primarily with average ages ranging from 20-30s range. Our atmosphere is primarily laid back for farm but serious during progression. We expect every member to have researched their class / spec / encounters etc. and make quick adjustments to ensure lower pull counts.

We aim to get a cutting edge achievement each raid tier if it is attainable within our raiding hours.

-Raid Times-
Main Raids: Tue - Wed - Thurs 7p-10p CST or 8p-11p EST.
Optional / Not required: Mon - 7p-10p CST or 8p-11p EST (fluid).

-Recruitment Needs-
Tank: Closed
Melee: DH - Low priority
Ranged: Priest, any exceptional ranged - High Priority
Healer: Shaman / Disc / Holy Paladin - Medium Priority

-BFA Progression-
Azshara’s Eternal Palace - 6/8M 8/8H
Crucible of Storms - 2/2H
Battle of Dazar’Alor - 9/9M (CE)
Uldir, the Halls of Control - 8/8M (CE)

-Legion Progression-
Antorus the Burning Throne - 11/11M (CE)
Tomb of Sargeras - 7/9M
Nighthold - 10/10M (CE)
Trial of Valor - 2/3M
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M (CE)

We are seeking to recruit individuals who are knowledgeable and keep up to date on their raiding spec(s) and sims. We aren’t a guild that is interested in carrying any one individual and will expect all members to keep up with maintaining their primary main character for raids on a weekly basis. That includes farming best in slot essences, obtaining AP for HOA, Weekly Islands Cap, Mythic + weekly cache, etc. If you are someone who likes to take frequent breaks from the game or gets bored easily doing the same things over and over, (ie raiding the same content every week or keeping up with dailies and mythic +), then this is not the guild for you. We like to have fun but we also want to progress at a rate we feel we can accomplish and we don’t want to be held back.

In addition to what was mentioned above we also require the following below.

-Raiding Requirements-
18 years of age or older
Working Mic / Ability to communicate in raids via Discord
Previous Mythic Raiding Experience
Consistent Main Raid Attendance
Semi-quick learning curve / Mechanics Execution
Positive attitude / Willingness to want to be in the raid
Lvl 60 Heart of Azeroth minimum

-Application Process-
Storm requires a short application and discord interview before joining the guild for a trial.

The application can be found here:


We typically review applications 2-3 times per week. If you do not receive a response back within 1 week of applying, assume your application was declined or cancelled.

-Contact Points-
Panhu#11240 (BNET) - GM
Panhu#0477 (Discord)
Rynzler#11268 (BNET) - Officer
Rynzler#2573 (Discord)
Irosamm#1160 - (BNET) Officer
Tearocki#1475 (BNET) - Healing Officer

Hey there!

Nevermore on Turalyon (A) is currently looking for a boomkin and a resto druid to help round out our roster for mythic EP and beyond.

We are currently 6/8M (Za’qul at 17%) and 8/8H and our raid times are Thurs/Mon 8-11est.

We have been a guild for over 10 years now and have achievement multiple cutting edge achievements during that time. While we aren’t as hardcore as we once were, we pride ourselves on pushing progression on a strict 6 hour schedule in a laid back atmosphere.

If you are interested in joining or learning more, feel free to add us at Darkxenos#1213 or Glade#1825 otherwise you can apply on our website www.nevermoreturalyon. com

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Hey, we are looking for a good reliable players for 8.3. we have a few healers and flex healers that can also DPS. If your friend can fill that role we have room for the both of you. Closing in on a zaqul kill, bunch of sub 30s tonight. Hmu if you would like to talk.

Sent you an in game request,

I am the GM and RL of a guild on Illidan our progress this expac has been 3/8 M, 5/9 M, 5/8 M.

Let me know if this interests you! :blush:

Sombur Zone could use both of you, I’ve sent you message on b net thanks

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Hey Caulklover! (>.>)… im recruiting for lunacy-thrall. We are currently 4/8m and could definitely find a place for the two of you in our core. If this is something you might be interested you can reach me on bnet at doublediesel#1362 or on discord at Ey#9300. I look forward to hearing from you!

Hey there, perhaps we could work for the two of you.

Please Taunt on US-Hyjal, 8/8 M AEP, 9/9M BoD 6-hour / week team.

We’re honest with people about mistakes and performance, and expect our players to take criticism well. We’re looking for players who share our team mentality, and as long as you’re outgoing and interested in playing the game with us, you’ll be happy playing here.

Tuesday - Wednesday 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm PST

Fill out this very short form if you want to chat with us about playing here :slight_smile:
https:// (delete the space after the slashes)

Hello, Caulklover!

Reckoning-Stormrage (Alliance) is recruiting for Mythic EP and beyond. We are a fun and inclusive AotC guild. Currently we are in need of heals and DPS and there is some flexibility in terms of which classes we could fit into our current raid comp.
Raid days are Tues/Wed from 8-11pm server (EST).
Here’s our recruitment post for more info: [A] Reckoning-Stormrage is recruiting DPS/Heals for Mythic EP
I’d love t chat with more to see if its a good fit. My btag is Voodoø#1541. (The ø is Alt+0248) I sent you and your friend a btag request in game. Thanks so much!

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Hey, man! I’m the DPS officer in an Alliance guild, Raiders R Us. Below is a link to our forum post. I would be interested in talking with you and your friend about possibly joining our raid team. If you’re interested, please feel free to add me on btag: Mith#11423.

1/8 mystic rayder guild I add u

Hey! would love to chat more to see if wed be a good fit for you :slight_smile:

Ebonvale is looking build a raid team to push into mythic raiding content in 8.3! We are recruiting any who are looking to find a new home where they can push content but also make friends! We are welling to also help anyone gear up!

Raid Times!

(Progression) Monday | 9:45 EST - 12:45 EST
(Progression) Wednesday | 9:45 EST - 12:45 EST
(Alt/Farm Night) Friday | 9:45 EST - 12:45 EST

Questions? Please contact:
GM: (Bnet) KiwiTiger#11312 |(Discord) KiwiTiger#3279

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