<Raiders R Us> [A] Stormrage 3/8M Recruiting

Current Progression in the Eternal Palace: 3/8 M, 8/8 H, 8/8 N

Raid Times (subject to change):

  • Tuesday 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. EST
  • Wednesday 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. EST
  • Thursday 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. EST
  • Optional Sunday raids for mains or alts who have not gotten their heroic clear for the week will most likely be organized by the raid team

Guild Information:

We are a hardcore raiding guild that was formed in September of 2019. Since our formation, we have spent hours discussing our vision and ultimate goals which we decided to set high. We decided that we wanted to build a world-class mythic progression team to ultimately compete to be the winner of the Race to World First (RWF). It is with this vision in mind that we recruit to fill the spots on our mythic raid team.

Requirements for our mythic raiders:

Due to our vision of competing, and ultimately winning, the RWF, we have a number of requirements that our raiders must meet. While the requirements will be updated based on the current status of the guild and the most recent patch, the following are the requirements that our raiders must meet for patch 8.2.5:

  • 40+ potions to be used as pre-pots and second pots;
  • 20+ Augment Runes;
  • iLvL 435 (exceptions will be made due to the nature of BiS Benthic gear);
  • Heart of Azeroth lvl 65+;
  • The following addons are required: Angry Assignments, WeakAuras 2, BigWigs or DBM, and Details Damage Meter;
  • One main toon and one alt toon of a different armor type at a comparable item level; and
  • At least one mythic keystone 10 or above per week on each toon.

All food, flasks, vantus runes, and repairs are provided by the guild.

Guild Polices:

  • Truly toxic behavior will not be tolerated. We want our raiders to feel comfortable enough to joke around and have fun with one another, however, there is a difference between playful and toxic behavior.
  • The raiders must be able to accept constructive criticism. We will never demean or insult a raider who is not performing up to par, however, we will not let it go unaddressed. If you cannot handle being told that you’re not performing well enough on your numbers or that you’re doing a mechanic incorrectly, then this guild might not be the place for you.
  • This is not a PG-13 guild. This means that there might be somethings said that one could argue as being vulgar and offensive. It is for this reason why we require our raiders to have thick skin and to be able to handle this type of of language. We will never ask a raider to sensor him- or herself simply because another raider disapproves of his or her choice of words. T hat being said, any type of bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other type of conduct related to these will absolutely not be tolerated.
  • What our guild does with BoE drops from trash: If a BoE does drop during a mandatory scheduled raid, e.g., on any required Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, the BoE will go to the guild. The guild will first inquire as to whether any raider present at the raid needs the drop as an upgrade, if so, then the BoE will go to that raider. If it is not an upgrade for any raiders present, then the guild will sell the BoE and place the gold in the guild bank to help pay for the items that are provided for the raiders.

If you have any questions or please feel free to contact our DPS Officer or Raid Lead/GM:

  • Mithlock (DPS Officer): Mith#11423
  • Epicmonkee (Raid Lead/GM): MyLife4Aiur#1333