Balance - Best PvP Covenant for RBGs?

Hello all!

Just hit level 50 on my Balance Druid. Wondering what the general consensus is on the best PvP covenant. I mostly do RBG’s, but may delve into Arena occasionally as well.

It seems the choice boils down to Kyran or Night Fae based on the reading I’ve done. Many top end arena players are going Kyrian, while Night Fae seems like it might be better for RBGs. Is that accurate?

For what it’s worth, I’m no savant. Typically rated 1900-2000 in the past. Would appreciate any input you can provide before I make the choice.


Going to do PVE at all? Mythic+? If so, that complicates things a bit, as Nightfae is so strong.

In arenas, everyone’s waiting for the convoke, and it’s very hard to get a good one off. People are wise to concentration aura mastery cheese now too, and have stuns and disorients and things ready.

In RBG’s it was a lot easier. (I only played to around 1800 though). There’s a lot more going on and so it’s often quite simple to blindside people or get it off in a teamfight.

The key then tends to become trying to only have 1-2 people in range, so they get nuked rather than it being spread too thin. If you convoke and 5 people are in range, they’re only going to get hit by 2-3 spells each on average.

So from my point of view I think Nightfae is fine in RBG’s, but if I was a serious arena player (and didn’t PVE) i’d go Kyrian.

Kyrian is reliable, Nightfae is the biggest haymaker in history. But oh, when it lands…

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Awesome info, thank you. Knowing that NF is better for other content is helpful. I have never been interested in pushing high keys, but having a bit of versatility is nice.

Kryian is better for M+ and pvp, NF is best for st boss fights.

Kyrian can line up 5 consecutive Starsurges withy 15% dmg buff, 350mastery, pvp dps trinket, Fury of Elune every 1 minute…and every 3rd time you also add incarnation to that macro of buffs.

Timeworn dreambinder leggo adds 20% bonus dmg to your Starsurge nr 3, 4, & 5. That makes Kyrian STarsurges hit harder than those from convoke…and its always 5 in a row if you save up 100 AP before starting the party. And these are all isntants that cant be interupted.

Having the big kyrian buff macro on 1 min cd makes it really good in m+ as well. Since it adds to all your dmg, ST or aoe.

Edit - Found the answer to my own question, I believe - Fury of Elune.

Somewhat of a Balance newb here, so forgive me. How do you get 5 consecutive starsurges? I understand the legendary reduces the cost by 10%. So the first one would cost 30 Astral Power followed by 27, then 24. This comes out to 81 AP, so you wouldn’t be able to cast a 4th.

How do you lower the cost further or build additional AP to reach 5 consecutive casts?

Not true. Kyrian is better at arenas, and maybe RBGs, but NF is superior in both Raids and M+. Specially with the current affixes (Pridefull), NF grants one of the highest burst of the game, dealing insane damage and helping with a bit of healing to your party.
Also, NF>Kyrian in multiple boss fights with more than 1 target (Huntsman, Sire, Stone Legion Generals). The fact that you do not mention BOAT gives me the idea that you do not know very well the m+ scene.
Source: See top logs and RIO scores of moonkins. Also, am mythic raider, some casual pvp at 1900-2100 and mythic+

Fury of Elune generates 40 AP. 5 SS’s will, with the leggo, cost 129 AP.

You will have gained those 29AP during the gcd’s between ss’s while Fury of Elune is up.

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The fact that I did not mention BOAT was i took for granted all NF balance druids use it…always. But it did give you an opportunity to be a bit condescending, grats.

It was not my intention, but given that it’s the best PvE legendary I think it’s important to mention it when talking about legendaries to a new player.

It seems many rank 1 Balance Druids use BOATs in arena as well, based on several popular Twitch players I’ve been wathcing.

Yeah it’s pretty good for arena too, gives a strong burst every 15s~ that can help secure a kill, not to mention the convoke shenanigangs that are possible with it.
I, for one, use it on my 2100 RBG group and while doing 2v2 and 3v3 at 2000 and 1900. It’s pretty decent, imo

The fact that you list Nightfae as the best for ST, and then go on to talk about Kyrians starsurges being good in m+ (lol) says it all really.

I mean I hope nobody listens to a clueless level 10, but just in case.

It’ll take you 30 seconds to look up the m+ leader board. Points for spotting the first 10 kyrians, let me know what spots they’re in. Enjoy scrolling.

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I’m sorry theres people like you around having to insult others and working so hard to missinterpret things being said.

Kyrians 1min cd buff macro lines up well with packsin m+ for STARFALL…starFALL…not surge. I tought that was obvious…but ok.

The surges are for focus targets in pvp. And for m+ theres (an)other bis leggo. So its pretty obvious you have no idea abotu anything and that you are only here to troll.

This was not a full 50 page manual/guide to everything there is to know about balacne druid and all the legendaries. This was meant to be a few sentences about balance druid, with kyrian as covenant, in pvp.

So the real question is…what personality dissorder do you have in order to come here only to be a jerk?

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Not taking sides in any of this, but you did list Kyrian as best for M+ as well, which is where a lot of flak is coming from since NF > Kyrian for the M+ scene for sure.

Different guides says different things about covenants though. I read one guide that puts both kyrian and venthyr ahead of NF in pve.

BUT I do think for normal/decent human beings its possible to be civilised, list up arguments for and against, disagree, etcetc, whithout being a total jerk.

One thing is for sure, Convoke takes the least amounts of skill/focus to pull of. So maybe thats why so many on the top of lists use it? Or maybe because NF is the most druid themed covenant? It is absolutely possible to reply whithout being a jerk.

So the insult rampage against people who dont word-by-word completely agrees with others should be kept out, but feel free to disagree in a civlised manner!

Theres also another thing to take into account for what is being used for leggos.

How many legendaries are people willing to farm Soul Ash for?

What covenant is actually fun using and just not a numberbuffer?

Uh, no. Unless you are doing m+ above 17+, BOAT is the best, by far. If you mean the one I think you mean (Arcane Pulsar) you are just wrong. While it’s better for Kyrian than for NF, for it to be above (barely) BOAT you would need to pull massive packs nonstop, and line everyone in your group to play with your Pulsar in mind (I.E. pull more mobs when at 270 AP from Pulsar). BOAT, on the other hand, works consistently and gives us the best burst in the game, specially when combined with Pridefull.

See, you are just missinformed. I would suggest you to check the balance druid discord if you want the best information about numbers. Guides can be wrong, too.

This is true. Not skill, of course. Both Kyrian and Convoke are pretty brain dead, but to use Kyrian properly you have to keep in mind your partner’s CDs too.

No, they use it because it’s better 80% of the time.

So again working ahrd to missinterpret…even though it is not actually possible you somehow manage.

I dont use it…i said i found a guide who says so.

Take your personal problems out of forums please

Your logic is really that the best players on the planet, are picking Nightfae because it’s the easiest? Wow.

This is the reason we just come in swinging with some hard truths (like you being clueless). Because idiots will never admit they’re wrong. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect - look it up. So we’d rather just club you out of the way so that nobody gets led astray by poor info.

You are posting on an account with no relevant experience, on a topic you clearly know nothing about. Then you get all butt-hurt when that gets pointed out.

I’m not interested in changing your views. 15+ years has taught me how futile that is. My interest is in getting the right info to others.

What ranks on the ladder were the top 10 kyrian druids in m+ by the way? Oh sorry, you’re probably still endlessly clicking “next page”.

What personal problems? What are you even talking about?

You are giving OP incorrect information, I just corrected you. It’s not a personal attack on you.

You are the one missinterpretating. I never said you were using it, nor I did any personal attack on you. The guide is wrong, period.

Take your off-topic out of the forums, please.