Bad news about Cross RP


I think everyone should take a moment to think about why Cross RP was banned before stripping the skin off Blizzard’s back. This addon does and doesn’t break the EULA. When used for the sole purpose of RP, it does not harm, but when players use it harmfully, such as communicating to throw a battleground, it can become toxic.

For those who feel that strongly about Cross RP, there’s always b-net group chats, discord as well as forum RP. There’s numerous problems and exploits that can occur with an addon like this, while it’s a shame it got an axe to the face, it’s important to understand why Blizzard did what they did.

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Bring the RPG back to MMORPG and let us learn different languages over time.

(Zandrae) #23

That’s not a RP name.

(Cannibal) #25

This same example is achievable through Bnet whispers with a friend on the other side. There’s no equivalency here.

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Let’s let Blue make their post and ignore the troll who doesn’t go here.

(Sarestha) #27

This is the thing. I’m sure Blizzard has had reasons for blocking crossfac RP in the past. But… now it simply doesn’t add up. It’s possible to do so, supported by gameplay, in SO many instances.

With that in mind, it makes sense to critique the decision made here. We’re not attacking Blizzard, we’re critiquing them, and strongly, for blocking one of the best addons in the game.


Safe to assume that the past examples are of a small and marginal number. A whole community is another thing entirely. Back on my day rogues can cross talk using Titan language.

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“Do you guys not have Battlenet groups?”

(Zandrae) #31

Is this an out of season April fool’s joke?

(Cannibal) #32

Replied to Edgelord’s now deleted post:

Which leads me to not understanding why players are so upset about this. Why not just… use battle-net groups? It’s extremely simple and requires no addon at all.

Battlenet groups don’t allow /s and /e to be properly displayed in-game.
Battlenet groups don’t allow the viewing of RP profiles cross-faction.
Battlenet groups don’t allow hundreds of players to interact at once, like during ToA.
Battlenet groups don’t allow RP names to be properly displayed to keep track of who’s who.

False equivalency again.

(Sarestha) #33

((Edit: For those wondering what I’m replying to, Edgelord asked why people don’t just use communities and groups and the like, for RP. ))

I guess it all depends on how you like your immersion, my friend.

Like yeah, we could all get in groups. With our battletags displayed to everyone. Typing in a blue chat panel. We could do that. And that’s my backup plan.

But being able to use /say and /emote like we would in a normal RP is incredibly immersive. Being able to chat in a way that feels organic, not forced, is really special.

It might strike you as a minor thing, but for me at least it’s one of the best things that’s happened to the game in a very long while. I like my RP to feel organic… to not be forced into a certain type of chat channel. This addon made that possible.


Also, what Cannibal said. RP profiles being able to be viewed as if it was someone from the same faction. MASSIVE RP events, sustaining as many people as can fit in a community.


I’m sure Blizzard has their reasons to let the addon stay for however many months it lasted for and deciding to can it. Be it security or office politics.

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Daddy blizzard has to make sure the factions behave obviously.

(Sarestha) #36

When I become a parent, I’m going to make sure my two children get along and behave. By causing them to burn each other’s stuff, and try to actively kill one another.

Thank you Blizzard, for teaching me parenting :heart:

(Zandrae) #37

I’ve heard things about how it’s coded. I want to say I vaguely recall them making it only work on RP servers under distinct conditions to prevent it from causing trouble like pvp cheating or whatever.

(Fortea) #38

Yes. It was very deliberately designed to prevent such things.

(Azhaar) #39

Tinfoil hat theory: They’re trying to alienate and drive away RPers because nobody else complains as much about how stupid and bad the story is.

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Azhaar Breaking the Conditioning (Colorized, 2018)

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Could I place more likes on this one, please?

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You can actually like a post multiple times by using different characters, these days.

Weird, and kinda amusing, but it’s a thing.

So to answer your question. Yes. You actually can. XD