Azureweave embellishment

So my azureweave items are counting as embellishments even though I need 2 of the azureweave items for the embellishment to even activate. I found this out when I crafted the allied wristguards of time dilation, and tried to equip it with my azureweave robe, and mantle. It would not let me since it is counting both azureweave items as two separate embellishment items. How does this make sense since the embellishment is only active if I have two items. It’s not even that powerful of an embellishment. If it counts as an embellishment even without the embellishment active there should be some tooltip or warning to people.

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It’s hard for us to accurately tell without posting on the level 70 in question, but if you’re certain you’re only wearing one piece of Embellished gear while trying to equip the bracers, then you’ll want to drop a post in the Bug Reports forum.

I’d first recommend doing a UI reset first to rule out any corrupt display elements, though.

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It’s my warlock Balezebub, not sure how to change the character. I also cant show what I can’t equip. I have both of my azureweave pieces on. I need 2 for the embellishment. I try to put on the allied wrist guards of time dilation. It says I can only use two embellishment pieces. I take off one of my azureweave pieces. I am now able to equip the bracers. I have also posted in bugs.

I interpreted your original post incorrectly, then. If you already have two Embellished pieces equipped without the bracers, then that’s the system working correctly.

Embellished items are unique-equipped, and the system currently allows for two of that category. What’re you trying to use that requires two Azureweave items equipped in order to make use of the embellishment?

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An embellishment is something that you gain through equipping an item. Something special and unique. I get nothing unique by only equipping one piece of Azureweave. I need two for the embellishment to acitivate. So I am only getting ONE embellishment, even though I have two crafted pieces. I can have as many crafted pieces as I want, I can only have two embellishments. Are you following what I am saying? I am not getting two different embeliishments when I have the two azureweave pieces. They are just a crafted piece of gear without two of them from the set

Then the issue is with the embellishments you used to craft the first two pieces, not that the embellishment isn’t activating. That’s a different matter and would require you looking at the pieces already crafted and remove some embellishments and replace as necessary.

You can only have two Embellished pieces equipped at any given time. If you need two of an embellishment to benefit from it, then both of those pieces need to have the same embellishment.

As I’m understanding the set bonus, adding a third piece seems it should only increase the benefit gained from the bonus. And according to the tooltips on WoWhead, only two of the pieces are needed to proc the set bonus, but is showing that you can use any combination of two of the three pieces for the bonus.

Huh? They both do have the same embellishment. I am not sure you are understanding what I am saying. An azureweave piece by itself is just a crafted piece. It does nothing special. It is a set piece, i need two of them for the SINGLE embellshment to activate. It is counting both single pieces as me having two embellishments. It should only be counting it as 1, since I am only activating ONE embellishment

Correct, you can’t. You already have two Embellished items equipped in your shoulder and chest slots. You will not be able to add the wrist slot unless you unequip one of the first two.

What is the particular embellishment you’re trying to benefit from?

I realize they are technically two embellished pieces. But these two pieces only give me ONE embellishment. WHat’s the point of having embellished pieces if it does not give me an embellishment?

I want to be able to have two embellishments. Just like any other two single pieces that dont require other pieces to activate an embellishment. Having Amice of the Blue, and the elemental Lariat for example. They are two embellished pieces that give me two separate embellishments. If the set pieces that have embellishment on them count as two embellished pieces instead of one, they are useless and noone will want them because two embellishments is better than one. They are a wasted opportunity.

Are you a moderator or just some random guy who is making his opinion sound like it means something?

I also changed my character. You can see the items on him if you click him. Minus the bracers I want to put on him as well

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SInce I cannot add more than 3 replies I have to edit my other posts

Where is the rule? I didn’t see anything in game stating this. Nothing in the tooltips. Only the fact that I can’t equip. In my head (which overall doesn’t matter but without anything directly stating otherwise is what I was using for reasoning) The idea was to limit the amount of EMBELLISHMENTS on a character. So that you wouldn’t just craft all the pieces with embellishments. The idea wasn’t to limit the amount of crafted pieces because I can have as many of them as I want. Since I can craft as many crafted pieces that I want, good reasoning goes that I would only be limited in the actual embellishments that are activated on my character. Since I have only one activated embellishment on my character. This seems like a bug to me.

The rule is two embellished items, NOT two individual embellishments. Does that make sense?

If you’d like to see that changed, posting here won’t help. You’d need to make a suggestion in game or in General Chat.

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I did, as indicated by mentioning what slots you had Embellished items in earlier.

But now that the precise crux has been gotten to, I take back what I stated in my very first post and encourage you to delete the bug report, as the system is working as it was designed to.

Instead, you’ll want to make another post in either General Discussion or through the in-game suggestion feature as you want to see that system changed.

At the top of the tooltips it says Unique-Equipped: Embellished (2), which I mentioned in one of my earlier posts and later reiterated. That refers to the number of Embellished pieces you can have equipped at any given time, regardless of how their bonuses are laid out.


How would I know what that means or where to look? Also why would you handicap a specific set of items by stipulating embellished items, and not embellishments. It makes no sense. And it seems like an oversight, and not intended.

What what means? There’s been a few things discussed here.

The tooltip

“At the top of the tooltips it says Unique-Equipped: Embellished (2),” Ok, Since there have been typos in the game before and very poorly described tooltips, I assumed this meant embellishments not the actual embellished items. Outside of looking here AFTER you have crafted the items, nothing says that you can only craft two embellished items whether or not they give you an embellishment after crafting.

Unique-Equipped items have always been item specific, it’s never applied to set bonuses. For a similar example, at the item “Lola’s Eve,” a ring from TBC. It is unique-equipped and part of a set, but you cannot equip 2 of them because the unique-equipped effect applies to the item, not the set.

that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m not trying to equip 2 items that are the same. I’m trying to equip 2 separate embellishments, only 1 embellishment is 2 separate embellished items and it is counting toward the 2 embellished limit.

That’s because the limit isnt for embellishments. It’s for embellished gear. If you want to see that two piece embellishment changed to only be needed on one piece of gear, you’d want to do a in game suggestion so the appropriate team can get the feedback.

I haven’t looked too deeply into embellishments, it’s likely the WoW team thought that particular one was powerful enough to warrant needing two pieces to activate.

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You are assuming that’s what they meant to do. Everything else is indicative of that not being the case. So if you have nothing else to say that’s constructive, I’ve heard your point of view. Mine is that it is a bug and is not working as intended.

If it’s a bug it’s a very elaborate one seeing as it states it needs two pieces to work on the tooltip.

If you feel it is indeed a bug, then you’d want to make a post in the Bug forums or in game so the appropriate team can take a look.

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