Azj-Kahet Spoilers

Seems Like Azj-jol-Nerub had been calling for help from Azj-Kahet and they simply refused to commit anyone to the effort.


Any other juicy info in the Zone?

Anything about Nerubian Lifestyle or secrets or of other races in the Zone or of interesting landmarks?

Nerubians cannot read as it turns out cause they communicate with pheromones and are pratically blind, This leads to an interesting problem where Xal’ataths mutated nerubians can’t produce pheromones and thus aren’t considered nerubians.

Drogbar apparently also live in the city, Although idk if there is anything special about em.

Anduin gets captured by them but the nerubians like him and talk to him about how similar their societies are.


If nerubians are blind, how do they navigate their surroundings? Pheromones aren’t like echolocation, so they can’t see objects with them.

Smell and touch largely, it seems. Their language is also smell and touch based. They burn (for scent) and engrave their letters to make them legible.

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So nerubian script is like braille? Cool.

How would they avoid colliding with objects? Would they smell a stone wall or closed door?


They have not said for sure, but I am betting sound plays a bigger part in navigation than they have brought up so far. It lean into why their buildings are so angular to the point of jagged and flat faced. Great for echoes. They also do not appear to be TOTALLY blind, they just have poor eyesight and a lack of capacity to tell bipeds apart without scent.


Could also be why they web so much

Ooh, source please?

Edit: Found it.


How does she figure that Anub’arak wanted the War of the Spider?

Meanwhile I wonder if the Azjol-anak (the living Nerubians from Northrend) would be lending a had against them for their abandonment during the war.

I think that’s the queen’s view on what Anub’arak wanted and she wanted to Ad Hoc justify not sending help. Well this undead army is attacking your immense defenses in Northrend? Why not dig deeper? Why invite retaliation? To her, his reactions to the Scourge was a justification for her desire not to get involved. I won’t spare my troops or invite this undead army to follow my soldiers home. You exposed your city to their attacks, that’s on you, not me. You should of ignored the surface world and not retaliated.

They’re not entirely blind. I think they just have unfocused vision, like an average glasses-wearer without their glasses. Can’t read text but can easily identify a book. Can make out the shapes of people easily but can’t discern facial expressions. Walking into walls is not a problem.


That would explain it.

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Technically she’s not wrong. Azjol-Nerub drew Ner’zhul’s eye by attacking first when they decided the burgeoning Scourge was a threat that needed to be stopped before it could grow any larger.

Which isn’t to say that the Scourge would have otherwise left them alone as it grew if they’d kept to themselves, but to the queen of Azj-Kahet it might have seemed like Anub’arak had instigated an unnecessary conflict by getting involved in “surface business.”

Which could have been due to her not accounting for how much closer to the surface Azjol-Nerub is than Azj-Kahet. After all, Azjol-Nerub had an entire temple city aboveground in Borean Tundra.


Had the Nerubians of Northrend just closed off their cities from the surface world and let the Scourge do what it wanted on the surface they’d be safe underground. Only when Azjol-Nerub attacked the Scourge did the Scourge attack back and the more Nerubians that died the more were raised against their people. Had the Nerubians left the Scourge alone, and had the Nerubians also not opened themselves up to attack. They’d be safe. Her view, I think, is an ad hoc excuse. She thinks that Anub’arak was an idiot for messing with the surface dwellers and not digging deeper or closing off all entry points at the start.

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The chemical scent navigation I think is commonly used by IRL ants. I suppose its a mix of blurry vision and this. I think some IRL spiders also can’t see properly and their eyes mostly just work out light/dark and maybe shapes?

Makes sense for nerubians to borrow from real life arachnids and insects


Bros never beating the mary sue allegations :sob:


Maybe her reason is that she’s self serving and a bad person?

What is the Venture co doing down there?

If I recall the info correctly, one of the undercover Nerubians was impressed by him pulling a Leeroy and simply kept his Prisoner group close by on the down-low, as the vizier was already looking for potential allies, but ya know.

Anduin and making odd friends, name a more iconic duo