Azeroth isn't a titan and Magni isn't her speaker

This is a very loose theory, based on really just basic visual cues and based on how the storytelling of Wow is moving towards a line of “maybe the titans have been lying”.

I don’t have a shred of doubt that there is a Worldsoul inside of Azeroth, and that said soul is talking now with Anduin and Thrall and the others, well, maybe I do have some doubts, but I’m most certainly this isn’t a bait.

The Nature of Azeroth herself is what bugs me. First, let me say this, I know cinematic trailers are not the same as in game content, but cinematics have been mostly consistent visually with in game stuff.

In the War within cinematic, we see something that represents the world soul of azeroth, calling for Anduin and Thrall, and the image we get is something similar to a Sun, or a ball of Light, in the gold and blue hues we see in Azerite. Now this could be just artistic freedom, but that isn’t how Titan souls look like, titan souls look like constellations, we see that clear in the Antorus raid, all titan souls we see have this same visual style. Again, this is a very minor thing and it is most likely nothing, but I was already thinking Azeroth could be something else and not a Titan, and this led me to some curious thoughts.

Starting with Magni, the speaker, we know Magni has been talking with what he believes to be the world soul of azeroth, and we also know he could hear the world souls of other titans, but here is the thing, Magni is dwarf that was changed into the role of Speaker, which also changed his structure back to stone (crystal), so he is basically an earthen, a Titan construct, what If he speaking not with Azeroth, but something keeping an eye on Azeroth, maybe a Keeper? And now the real Azeroth is calling for help, and Magni as a speaker will contradict in some fashion what others are hearing, imagine so.

The other piece of the puzzle to me is how lore has been constant on showing us that if you take a thing, and juice it up with another thing enough, it will become the second thing.

A titan juiced with death energies went to the shadowlands, a Naaru can lose its light and become void, or can even become part of death if infused with death energies, Eredar and Nathrezim became demons after juicing on fel and so on.

So here is the theory.

The whole chronicles part of void lords sending old gods to corrupt worldsouls is probably true, and the Titans being in the cosmos searching for other titans, probably true as well, but when both reach Azeroth, they realize this isn’t a titan, this is something more, and the Titans fight the black empire and stop the old gods from corrupting it, great, now with the space free, the Titans can work towards converting whatever Azeroth is into a being of Order, a Titan. My idea is that Azeroth isn’t a Titan, but the pantheon wants to make her one.


I don’t think any of the world souls are titans.

I think what happens is the titans take the world souls and make them titans. But they can be a number of different things. Basically the titans want the soul for the same reason as everyone else. Like those items that create a soulbound piece of gear for your class, every cosmic entity gets something different out of it.


it’s not a loose theory at all.
this is one of the most popular theories.


BRO HERE ME OUT CTHUN AND Elune walk into a bar and 9 months later new world soul what if azeroth is the combined essence of void and light


Unless Metzen is going to try and retcon Shadowlands out of existence, I won’t be surprised if Azeroth ends up being a First One and not a Titan at all.


I am not sure world souls are ever supposed to “wake up”, but Aman’thul started going around and making titans out of them for his own goals. He is the only one I suspect was a real Titan to begin with.

A weird idea I’ve had is perhaps world souls are what was left of the Progenitors after they sacrificed most of their essence to bring creation together.


But Aman’thul was a world-soul once, so how did he wake up?


The only one who knows if Aman’thul was a world soul is Aman’thul himself. He could tell everyone whatever he wanted that suited his goals. He is certainly a being of Order and the lord of time… but the rest? Well, could be interesting.


So then how did Aman’thul become a Titan then?

Weird how all of you who subscribe to this theory always ignore that question.

Except that we see him in his world soul state in Antrous being tortured alongside three other Titans. So either the Coven of Shivarra, Sargeras, Argus, Aggramar etc are blind or…

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How come none of them look like Azeroth in their World Soul state than(Since we know what Azeroth looks like with the War Within cinematic)?

Unless Azeroth really is that powerful and that’s why her soul is soo bright and golden


My guess it is was more of a visual nod to who it is. Making her world soul look like the colour scheme Azerite has. That blue gold colour.

Could also be improvement in technology. I doubt Blizzard would’ve put in that much effort to make the other Titans world souls (including Argus’) as detailed as Azeroths w.r.t that cinematic since we only see those world souls a few times in a raid.

I mean during early Legion, the Naga spell casters empowering the Wrath of Azshara were using their vanilla models despite Naga going through two visual updates since. One in Cata and the other in Legion itself.


This wouldnt be a bad thing imo, as long as they can salvage the story of the first ones.

Im pretty sure Blizzard just doesnt want to show Azeroths titan soul right at the beginning of the xpac, it should be something thats shown near the end of it.

Could also be that world souls are a blank slate, not a defined comic entity, so all of the force are fighting over azeroth to turn it to their side (being the most powerful of the world souls)


Thanks for the jumpscare


Yeah, I basically agree with this theory, for the most part. I think we’ll find out that World Souls are entities that can be aspected. Much like how dragons could be considered ordered proto-drakes, but you can also have elemental protodrakes.

Only other theory is that Azeroth is actually like a weird like First One offspring or something.

But I do think she’ll be something not titan.

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I think the maybe-not-titans-by-default nature of World Souls is one piece of a larger puzzle signalizing that something is very wrong concerning what we think we know about Titans.

And I’m not necessarily talking about them being evil.

I find it extremely strange that the Titans are the only higher powers of one of the Six forces that maintain a permanent presence in the physical universe. Every other member of a “pantheon” (Void Lords, Eternals, etc) either stay in their realms by choice, or are too powerful for the fabric of reality to contain them under normal circumstances. Why are the Titans here? Did they break some sort of code of ethics by entering the universe? Were they just the victors in a cosmic war between the Six forces to control the universe? If they’re here, then who’s running the Plane/Realm of Arcane? There must be an “Arcanelands” that contains a backdoor into Zereth Ordos.

Why are they here, when nobody else is?


The idea still has such obvious holes. In fact, basically every hole that was bleeding when Y’shaarj was ripped outta the earth and the wounds- wounds made from a void entity burrowing that deep into the planet itself, being ARCANE and not shadow/void.

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As we see with storm drakes, titans lay claim to anything they see as their domain.

“Azeroth” is named after H.P. Lovecraft just like C’thun and Yogh-Saron (the “old god” in this case would be named after Azzizoth). Azeroth whispers to people and it’s shown to be painful and stressful. We know the congealed blood of azeroth can be weaponized just like the blood of Yogg.

Is azeroth an old god? No. Absolutely not, that’s stupid.

Rather, I think titans and old gods are two sides of the same coin. A world soul can become either, and the voidlords and titans are always playing 4D chess with the world. Hell, we KNOW Magni can commune with world souls because he communicated directly with Argus before the Legion got him.

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