Aw yea, trust level 2 baby


Nice, i thought I read level 3 not level 2…opps. Yea lvl 3 will be tricky due to some forum…stuff. But I’m not 100% sure if the system includes action on the old forums or the new ones only.

They carry over from what I’ve read.

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Oh then I’m out :scream: no lvl 3 for me. In game I’m spotless, forum…not so much.

I can’t take you anywhere…

However, time to cue this video!

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Those are with Level 3.

Level 2 gets us:

Users at trust level 2 can…

  • Have an increased “like” count.

This probably sounds dumb but… how does one exactly know what trust level they are?

Also grats on trust level 2!

i think you are fine, the stuff from the past before forum change won’t affect current trust level as it was before initiation of trust level.
just don’t get flagged 5 times and u are good.

Try following that.

Edit: I checked you anyways, you’re level 2.

Okay, I am not 100% certain, but I believe that upon a time, when the “penalty volcano” was explained, it was said that infractions do expire over time.

Like, I have a 1 day forum ban on my account here for being risqué. But in - I don’t know - say 6 months, if I don’t get in any more trouble, that’s gone.

Past that point, I would imagine that the action won’t count against Trust Level. But that is me a.) remembering vaguely and b.) speculating. I may be wrong. Only the Web Team knows for sure.

Woot, I’m a trust level bovine now!

Good timing, as I got a few warnings that I was almost out of likes earlier today.

/moo :cow:

it won’t register to trust initation from (For me) over 17 days ago. you should be fine.

Oh cool! thanks for checking for me haha xD

The forums don’t work like that. Account actions are forever. And the stuff the CMs posted about it indicated that existing account actions carried over to the new forums.
You can appeal an account action (even a forum ban or suspension). But they don’t decay.

Yes, I made it. Now I can finally log off and enjoy GD “offline”. :female_detective:

I’m hoping that last bullet item for Trust Level 3 started keeping track anew with this new forum and not carried over from the old one…or the old Old one. >_< Then I’m good, for now.

edit: I just read other stuffs (Crepe’s post) and I see now that I’m probably gonna stay level 2 for-eVar. Oh well. So much for that. Not like I post links and crap normally so que sera sera.

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Woot! I’m trust 2 as well, awww yeah. Now to wait 85 more days to get to 3. (Argh!)

I’m in the same boat, trust me. (Get it?)

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Pst, it should only be 35 days.

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