Average wait time: 7 mins Time in queue: 15 mins and counting

How am I going to level if the timewalking queues are so bad for a DPS?

At least don’t lie to me about how long it’s going to take

I know the second I go AFK to go to the bathroom my queue will pop and I will miss it.


Average wait time is just that, the average wait time. Not the exact time you will be waiting. Also, dude just go pee and come back lol.

If that small amount of time is so inconvenient to you and you want instant gratification, this is not the game for you.


You get exp from exploration, crafting, questing, pvp, killing mobs… it’s not like you’re forced to just stare at your feet in valdrakken until the queue pops.



Yes I am…

You could do quests.

Quests are for leveling.


You could always go do a few quests. Probably quicker anyway.

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well there’s your problem

why are you relying on dungeon queues to level if you’re playing dps?


Welcome to world of warcraft :crazy_face:

Level via BGs and get instant 340-343 by the time you reach cap with ~12k honor.
You also get PvP gear to last the entire season from the get go.
If you don’t PvP then yeah… too bad. Go quest/craft/gather.

P.S.: It’s also much funner then level cap PvP unless you meet semi-twinked level 69s.

Welcome to dps queue times in all mmos

They know when you walk away from your computer


Someone failed math class

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It’s still work/school hours.

Wait until 6ish pm est.

I’ve got you beat. Mine says average wait time 2 minutes and been in queue for over an hour lol

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DPS has always been weird queue times vs healer/tanks.

It’s not an efficient way to level if you can only go the route I do which is DPS.

Best to just go on and do something in the meantime.

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that’s why you keep a bottle next to your desk, wear raid diapers or shout “mom! bathroom!”

:roll_eyes: amateurs


Imagine not cutting a hole in your chair so you can put a toilet underneath



You could also do Pet battles!

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Queue times are typically slow in the afternoon during the week in my experience.

At peak hours, they should be faster.

Maybe level how the game is designed to level? It is super fast.

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