AV Alliance Bubble? really is it a joke

I think that’s exactly what is fair to say - the game was changed because the issues that were brought to life were then highlighted and Blizzard realized it was an issue.

Just like all the other changes they’ve made in classic to prevent the modern gamer from capitalizing in a way that was never actually intended such as:

Mob Tagging not working

Grave Yard AV Change (but again that benefited you so you’re probably fine with it)

Spell Batching

Old mount purchase system but not old mount types

Preventing of sheeping/interfering with an already tagged mob to prevent griefing.

AH delivery of funds

This current playstyle is not what was intended. But again, I’m pointing out simple logic to someone who doesn’t want it because “their side” is “winning”.

It doesn’t benefit anyone - not your faction or mine.

Perhaps we’ve never met in AV. I lose at least 9/10 of the matches I’m in!

I think that is horde’s beef with AV.

Either make it so it’s pug v pug or fix queues. Having a 40 min queue to hit a premade that ends in 7 minutes is awful.

At least that’s my perspective. Alone, either is okay (as long as exploits aren’t used), but combined and you have a modern problem that wasn’t a thing back then and therefore requires addressing.

What is going on now really isn’t in the"Spirit of the Game", it’s borderline exploit, which blizzard does fix in a later patch of the game. So they do acknowledge it and we know this by reading past versions of AV patch notes. But that wasn’t fixed until TBC which is around the time that Alliance boycotted AV I believe I read in another post.

So if the Horde wants something changed they could just stop queuing for AV which would increase Alliance queue times and wPvP to recoup the honor that they would somewhat lose if they are just waiting for the BG to pop. If on a PvE server however, ya you just lost anyway to regain the boycott AV. Sadly doubtful Horde would boycott AV and it will just remain as is until or if we ever did move into TBC expansion.

Horde win almost nearly every AV but they want to remove premades and this so called “exploit” so they never lose a single AV. Horde saying they complain cause they care about both factions are lying. They just don’t like the Horde losing a single AV ever.

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I am 2-19 today in AV as a Horde so saying Horde win almost every AV is a lie. 17 of those loses where against true pre-made Alliance groups mostly from Faerlina (sorry if I misspelled). Eliminating pre-made and putting them into the Alliance general population like the Horde would only allow the match’s that are a guarantee loss for Alliance a chance to go 50 / 50 and wouldn’t start undermanned in a match. It’s weird, everyone seems to say this side or that side win’s more often, I must be on the wrong side of the equation that everyone else says is happening.

lol Alterac Valley Adjustments Incoming

Sorry premades.

All those that said “Doesn’t matter, they aren’t gonna change anything,” oh man, this is so good. mmmm yes the tears, so delicious.

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‘skilled alliance’

oh I lol’d