AV Alliance Bubble? really is it a joke

Meanwhile i’m imagining to myself what would it been like if the Horde does something like this. :thinking:

Oh Sweet! Thanks for referencing a Video from 13 years ago when you could actually get a horde PREMADE together where the majority could co-op on a single server and make this happen.

Maybe if we continue to compare these apples right here to those oranges over there, we can start to actually believe our nonsense that AV is fine for ally and totally fair.


I often wonder how people convince themselves of this nonsense. You take perfectly smart, normal people, and then give them something they really shouldn’t have, and then all the sudden, they forget about truth, facts, logic. Sort of like our Congress.


It isn’t possible in the current state of the game. Which is what they’ve all been saying. That video is from 2006. Before cross realm, with a fully communicating/experienced/server based premade.

Not even remotely similar to what is going on now.

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IT entirely is possible. you just dont do it.

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Simple yes or no questions:

  1. Is it possible for horde from the same server to premade in AV - No

  2. Is it possible for horde from any server to get a majority premade in AV - No

  3. Is it possible to pull the commanders like that with just 5 or 6 people that might get the same queue - No

There you go. Not possible. I’ll sum up your main point below:

The current system benefits me, therefore it’s fine.


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??? bro what are you talking about, classes that can kite can easily solo and kill commanders. Alliance pugs have 2/3/4 man groups that try to farm LTs while the rest of the game gets farmed all the time.
It has nothing to do with the current system only benefitting me.

Its fine because its fine, players have figured out a way to efficiently play together. If horde were the ones with insta ques and able to do this, I would commend them for coming up with a system that helps them win. The goal of the game is to win.

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Right, obviously if the situation was reversed you’d be totally cool with it.

You don’t see the issue, because in your eyes there isn’t one. Even though there’s really no hard counter for a pug.

Can’t argue with this logic, because there is none.

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There are counters. if 15/20 of you are stacked in the room or on your choke between the two frostwolf towers with hunter traps and mage novas or imp blizzards, maybe some sappers you could certainly slow them down.

But i guess yall refuse to do that.

Smart horde players do it though and they certainly slow premades down, some even beat them.

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Good news: tBC coming :sunglasses:

If we get enough people to unsub temporarily, it might come sooner!

Horde can’t “Do the same thing” because of premade groups (an entire issue all of it’s own). Horde also shouldn’t be asked to exploit just because the Alliance do. This probably won’t be resolved anyway. We’ve had radio silence even though 80% of the threads are about these issues.


No, it’s a strategy. Another thread says that Horde can do the same thing, and even explains HOW the horde players can do it. I won’t tell you how, because I won’t play the game for you.

Blizzard won’t play the game for you either. They won’t change the rules every time your opponents figure out a new strategy. It’s up to you to play the game.

Or you can sit here demanding that Blizzard play it for you.

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They did make a solution in burning crusade called shattering throw.

It’s exploitation of game mechanics. It’s clear and simple, and the alliance players doing mental gymnastics to justify it, or somehow claim that it isn’t an exploit, are wrong and they know that they’re wrong. Some method to deal with the exploitation doesn’t somehow negate that the content is being completely subverted.

If it’s left unchanged, AV is a dead battleground. It will be a travesty if alliance players who are currently abusing this exploit don’t have their honor rolled back. Crying furious tears about wpvp or horde racials has absolutely no relevance to abusing game mechanics to circumvent content and claim rewards.

Crying furious tears about something that is not cheating or an exploit will get you nowhere.

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Crying furious tears about something that is not cheating or an exploit will get you nowhere.

That’s definitely your hope.

This game is trash and blizzard doesn’t care. Not sure why that is a shock to anyone at this point.

I mean, they literally fixed it so you couldn’t do this in 2.3 because this was an issue.

It went by largely unnoticed in Vanilla due to ranking being over, and bg weekends being out. So, this is an issue that is NOT vanilla like. During the most active ranking times this was not the meta in Vanilla. Additionally, this is an earlier phase BEFORE they implemented this version of AV. Since they decided to keep the mounts not consistent with patch 1.12, they should do the same with AV.

Again, just admit that since it benefits you you’re fine with it. Stop coming up with weak argument after weak argument to skew your nonsense into something logical.


Yeah, the Alliance players seem to be quite lazy at the moment. They either want a guaranteed win, or they roll over for 30 min and get farmed or simply jump in a corner somewhere.

I don’t mind losing a match if folks play for the objective and if actual PvP happens. A loss with 2k or 3k bonus honor (along with however many HKs you rack up) is still fun. The most fun BGs for me are the ones that last for like 45-60 minutes, and were a tug of war all the way until the end.

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I wont admit something that isn’t true. Something doesn’t need to benefit me like that for me to enjoy it, so please stop projecting.

The version of AV you are referencing when that change was made (2.3) is when AV started to become a game you could win without killing the general. The game just changed, I dont think its fair to say just because it was changed it was considered an issue by blizzard.

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Those are the AVs I remembered and loved to play, it could go either way during the match. Now it’s who can setup a pre-made (not a traditional one, but one set on a discord and using fast re-queue times to get enough into a match with like minded people) rush to Galv, rush to Drek and over in 7-8 minutes and not needing to take a GY or Tower to assist like it was in the beginning of BGs.

I play Horde, not for the PvP ability’s but because they have Shaman, a class I have been playing pen and paper, then EQ, EQ2 & WoW going on 35 years. While my second class I play warrior is a option if I re-rolled, I must maintain my raid character. I also prefer to play the map, take objectives and go where needed but lately it’s demoralizing that Horde have given up to the pre-made teams that the few pug alliance we run into are now 30/70 win loss.