AV Alliance Bubble? really is it a joke

I was kind of joking by using a software definition but here’s an actual objective definition of the word exploit:

“use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.”

The way that the last boss is exploited is the definition of exploit to a T. It’s not the intention of the design at all either. It’s not a ‘clever usage of in-game mechanics’. Everyone needs to get over the fact that finding loopholes in content does not warrant the usage of those loopholes.
That is exploitation.


Quickest I’ve seen is 5 minutes.

But yeah.

The 2 minutes of waiting for the game to start is factored into the overall game time at the end of the BG, hence 6 minute games being actual 4 minute games.

Escape artist isn’t fair, perception isn’t fair. Being outnumbered 4:1 in the world (heartseeker) isn’t fair.

This just in, life isn’t fair either!

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LOL yeah divine intervention takes skill.

Get a load of this guy

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Also, Blizzards CoC in regards to cheating:

You are responsible for how you and your account are represented in the game world. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

So first, the quoted is a response from a blue about exploiting and while the topic they were responding to was not the same pea in the pod as the issue you guys are having, this is how they draw conclusions to determine if something is right or wrong.

In accordance to their own CoC, I even highlighted a part where it even benefits your argument. HOWEVER…

The sole thing missing here is… :drum: drum roll please!

A dev/CM response.

So all this:

As much as you say things, you are not a dev nor a CM. So YOU should get over trying to sound like one. We get you don’t like it. But until someone who states specifically it is an issue that requires action, avoid attempting to justify your argument because you feel it’s right or wrong.

Seems pretty simple to see that what is done in AV is this ^

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Right, and I specifically noted that if you read the whole thing for your benefit.

But, you are not someone who can ideally say it’s unfair or cheating because it’s about the opposite faction.

If I got trounced day in and day out I’d say that’s unfair and demand that the opponent is cheating.

This is why a players perspective is only taken with a grain of salt rather than the absolute definition some claim it to be.

AV intent is clearly for the towers to be taken down before engaging the boss.
This is clearly an exploit. A very nice one too.

However, unless they fix all the other similar exploits, on both factions, usage of this exploit should not be grounds for banning anyone.

If anything, since the exploit is out there and completely known, AND players can do something about it in a very simple way (just defend FFS), the complaints here are totally unnecessary.

I’d say the Horde should enjoy their condoned overall unfair advantage everywhere else in the game, Classic and Retail.


Mhmm and as we progress though the content, things will change, when people past BWL and cleared part of AQ… people will not bother to kite… alliance will just face tank it head on… its just how 1.12 is get over it

Imagine knowing that if you roll horde you will have long battleground ques and wont be able to premade AV…… but you still do it and still complain about long battleground ques and not being able to premade AV

You’re taking this only from your point of view because you get instant queues regardless of winning or losing, giving you instant access to gratifying pvp content. Horde on the other hand wait 25+ minutes for a queue to be snubbed out 75% of the time by a pre-made group that exploits the final boss. I wouldn’t care if I lost a lot of AV games if they lasted half as long as the queue did.


Also, rolling this or that faction is not an excuse to have such an imbalance of queue times. Players should be able to play the characters they want with reasonable game play expectations.

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Correct. Which is why I have been advocating the need for more CM/Dev responses.

You won’t agree or understand my point because you feel it’s an automatic opposition because I play Alliance.

Others won’t agree with you or understand your point because they feel it’s an automatic opposition because you player Horde.

If you want to be heard, we should all be continuing to push the CM’s/Devs to give some feedback on issues.

This is one of them.

I made my own separate post directed at Blizzard, doubt it gets heard and is lost in the shuffle of posts.

I could have sworn Blizzard said recently that the point of the BG was to kill the boss at the end. Everything else is extra. But the game ends when the boss is killed. So that’s it. Complete the objective as best you can. Most need to take down towers to be able to do it, or defend their towers to delay the other side. But not everyone.

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Keep making them and keep persisting. We’re seeing an uptick in their interaction so hopefully it’ll trend to more productive responses.

First of all the ques is something alot of us told and warned people about, and its not like we as player have gotten less META oriented as the years passed, hell we are so meta driven, it was a given that horde get longer ques…

And their still short, most pve people are only in the ques to get exalted then their out, i know alot of players on alliance that curse them self that they dident do it the first week… its likely going to be hour(s)

And 1.11(1.12) was allways like this, it was a race from one side to the other, as the gear gets better, its just going to go faster, at AQ, alliance wont bother to kite, theyll just ride right in and face tank it all…

Nice try buddy. (see what I did there?)

Actually no, but I just thought I’d mention a post I saw not too long ago about the instance from them.